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ok but i’m proud of my girl kesha for scooping up those grammy noms! like after everything she went through, to get her first grammy nominations on the first album where she had full control over her music and, more importantly, her very self? this is such a fuck you to everyone that ever once held her down

Nomations for the 2018 Grammy’s will be released tomorrow at 8:40 AM. Dear Evan Hansen is eligible for the Grammy for Best Musical Theatre Album! Here’s hoping for a nom! 👕
Way-Too-Early 2018 Grammys Contenders: Kendrick Lamar, Lorde & Ed Sheeran Take the Lead

Can newly established rock cred earn a former One Direction member a Grammy nod? The best-selling boy band famously never got recognized by the Grammys… and neither did Zayn Malik, in spite of a No. 1 single and album when he went solo in 2016. Yet Harry Styles may finally be the one to get a tip of the cap from the Recording Academy, thanks to a well-received debut album that serves up the type of guitar-driven song craft that the Grammys typically adore. Don’t expect an album of the year nod, but Styles’ single “Sign of the Times” has endured in the top 40 of the Hot 100, and with its well-produced Bowie vibes, a song of the year inclusion isn’t out of the question. (Also worth pointing out: Zayn could slide in this year with “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” his duet with Grammy queen Taylor Swift.)

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Harry’s team wanted him to be successful so fast but we said so many times, they can create a superstar in a day. It’s impossible. No way. They can make media write articles but end of the day, everyone sees the reality. It’s not Harry’s fault obv. His album was good, sott was very good but his team failed so bad. No Grammy, no Brit, no award performances. What did they do whole year? Oh wait, victoria secret. Right. It was gonna be great pr... Harry deserves so much better

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The fact that Paramore and Demi didn’t get a single Grammy nom this year is kind of laughable? Demi deserved at the very least a Vocal nom because yes, “Tell Me You Love Me” absolutely did have one of the best vocal performances of any album this year. “After Laughter” is also one of the best albums of the year so it deserve Best Rock or even Best Alternative.

remember when zayn said out of his own mouth in an interview that he wrote idwlf and then brought taylor in but for some unknown reason taylor is the one with writing credits and a grammy nom and zayn isn’t 🙃🙃🙃 it’s fine every thing’s fine i’m just gunna go cry for the rest of the day it’s no big deal

Anyway I hope my boy Harry knows that not getting a Grammy nom doesn’t negate how beautiful and important his music is. He took a chance with Sign of the Times; he brought back a sound that inspired so much nostalgia in older generation, and awoke a love of classic rock in ours. His album was fun and different for 2017, and he really poured his heart and effort into it. For that alone, whatever it’s worth, I am so, so proud of him and I hope he’s proud of himself. ily Harry!


1. Won a Juno award
2. Began and completed his highly successful Illuminate World Tour
3. Released There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back, the third single from Illuminate, which peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100
4. Performed for 80,000 people at Wembley Stadium
5. Helped the victims of the Mexico Earthquake and managed to raise more than 180,000 dollars for the victims
6. Performed for more than 100,000 people in Brazil
7. Performed at the VMAs
8. Performed at the EMAs
9. Won 4 awards at the EMAs
10. Won his first AMA
11. Performed at the AMAs
12. Released his own fragrance
13. Became the ambassador for Armani’s Smart watch and walked the ramp for the first time
14. Played two sold out shows at the O2 arena in London
15. Played two sold out shows at the Air Canada Center in his hometown in Toronto
16. Became legal to drink in his home country
17. Got his second tattoo
18. Got his third, fourth, and fifth tattoo
19. Released new merchandise
20. Number 1 on the 21 under 21 list
21. Number 9 on the Billboard Artists of The Year list
22. Treat You better became his first music video to reach 1 billion views
23. Released a video for TNHMB
24. Performed at the YouTube FanFest in Tokyo
25. Performed at New Year’s Rockin’ Eve
26. Met a kangaroo
27. Was the first performance for the reboot of the popular series, MTV Unplugged
28. Released a live album for the same
29. Appeared with Rory Kramer for an episode of Dare To Live
30. Started working on his third album
31. Performed with Ed Sheeran and John Mayer
32. Performed at BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend
33. Bought his own condo and moved out of his parents’ house

2017 was truly Shawn’s year, and I hope he has an amazing 2018.
Let me know if I missed something, I’ll add it in