grammy gallagher

Work It Out

Summary: An alternate ending of Ian and Lip’s fight in 2x07. Mickey finds them going at it and steps in.

Word Count: 1138

Notes: Been writing pretty quickly lately so hopefully I can get another one in today :)

When Grammy Gallagher suggested that Ian and Lip fight out their differences, both boys jumped right on the opportunity. After so long of partaking in a fist fight, a verbal argument, silent treatments, one-sided bursts of fury, and major disagreements, there was absolutely no doubt that something needed to be done. The siblings planned the fight for six o’clock on for the next day— Labor Day, and damn, did it come quick.

The time of the fight has approached, and Lip was late which caused Ian to grow even more pissed off. To take up some time, he took out a cigarette, lit it, and placed it between his lips.

After a few minutes, Ian saw Lip walking towards him— he was coming from the direct of the Jackson household, of course. The redhead dropped his cigarette and stood straight. “You’re late,” Ian spat. “Where the fuck you been?”

Lip scoffed. There was a clear anger that fueled behind his eyes. “Just getting blown by some, uh, ‘pregnant skank,’ as you called her.” He walked closer with a spunk in his step.

Ian snorted a light bit. He couldn’t believe how ridiculous Lip was being about this whole Karen ordeal— making himself look so pathetic over a whore. “Because that’s what she is.”

The last statement is what sent Lip over the edge. When he was close enough, he swung at his younger brother, but Ian dodged it and tackled him down onto the old couch that laid under the El. They rolled around a little bit exchanging a various amounts of punches and kicks. There was no blood yet, but black as blue marks were immediately starting to form after each blow.

Lip got his brother down on his back by forcefully headbutting him. Ian bounced back into the ground, but quickly retrieved his strength. The redhead reached up to grab his older sibling by the neck, and punched him hard in the face, causing Lip to fall back off of him.

Ian scrambled to his feet, and started repeatedly kicking the fallen Lip in the gut. Just as Lip snuck out of the torture and was lunging himself at the younger boy, Ian was pulled out of the way. “What the fuck? Let me after him!” Ian shouted. He didn’t even realized that the person who dragged him away was Mickey.

“Ay, ay, ay, Gallagher,” Mickey swung him around to look him in the face. When Ian saw him, his angered face immediately softened. “You would’ve fucking killed him. Talk this shit out, and if you want him dead, I’ll kill him.”

As Lip sat on the hard ground, he chucked the finger at the Milkovich boy. “Fuck you, Mickey,” he said with blood coming out of his mouth. Those words spiked Ian’s anger once again.

Mickey continued to hold Ian back as he tried to wiggle out of his grip. “I’m sick of living in your shadow!” Ian shouted coldly at Lip.

Lip sarcastically chuckled. “Nobody fucking asked you too,” he shot back in a less loud manner.

Finally Ian quit trying to get out of his secret lover’s tight grip. The redhead had a small cut above his eye, but he wasn’t very mindful of it at the moment— he was more mindful of his brother’s cuts. He frowned a little at the sight, but he knew that they’d go back to normal after this fight.

Once Ian completely calmed down, Mickey turned Ian to look at him. “You cool?” Mickey quirked his eyebrow and waited for a response. Eventually, Ian nodded. “Don’t want me to fucking kill him?” Ian shook his head, and Mickey noticed Lip’s prominent chucked middle finger.

“Get the fuck out of here,” Lip shot at Mickey. His voice was stern and annoyed.

As Mickey rolled his eyes and turned away, Ian shot a glance to his brother. While the Milkovich boy was not looking, Lip nodded at Ian to say it’s fine, go with him.

Ian pushed Mickey forward, and at first Mickey tensed up— forgetting that it was Ian for some reason. Then the redhead started walking away, and Mickey followed.

After a few seconds of walking, Mickey’s curiosity was raised. “The fuck happened?”

“He had it comin’ to him,” Ian shrugged. “Just needed to work some shit out.” He put his hands in his pockets.

Before doing anything, he turned to quick glance at Lip to see if he was watching the two of them. He was biting his lip and rubbing his hand against in neck— a nervous tick.

Noticing how Mickey was checking his back, Ian chuckled. “He doesn’t know, dumbass,” he lied and shook his head. To Ian’s surprise though, as they walked through an empty alleyway, Mickey stopped him and pulled him down to inspect the bleeding gash.

“You’re fine,” Mickey patted his cheek. He then reached to Ian’s back pocket to get the pack of smokes. “But you know, even if that asshole would know about us, I don’t think he’d tell anyone. He’s too chickenshit to piss off a Milkovich,” the Milkovich boy joked. In reality, he knew that whatever type of disagreement the Gallagher brothers were in, they’d do anything to keep each other safe, and in this town, Lip needed to keep his brother closeted if he wanted to protect him. After giving a little chuckle, Mickey threw his arm around the taller boy.

A big bright smile flashed across Ian’s face due to the sudden affection that Mickey was showing. He helped him light one of the cigarettes and took it from his mouth directly after he took a drag. Ian’s smile stayed as Mickey didn’t fight it. “There’s an us?”

The dark haired boy’s eyes widened as he realized what he said. “The fuck you talking about?” He asked with a grin.

“You said, ‘even if that asshole would know about us,’” Ian said. He didn’t try to hide the sudden giddiness that was running through his veins.

Mickey playfully shoved him in the side and gave him a quick wink. His smirk made Ian giggle, and truthfully the sound made Mickey’s heart flutter. He pulled Ian back to his side and wrapped his arm around him. “You know it was kinda hot watch you beat the shit outta Lip like that,” he said as he exhaled some smoke.

Ian giggled and put his arm around Mickey’s shoulders to pull him in for a kiss on the head. He went out on a whim by doing that, but Mickey didn’t shy away from it so it was clear that it was okay. The boys then walked down the alleyway with their arms around each other. They were happy to just enjoy each other’s presence for once, and Ian was just grateful to be standing here with him.