grammatically correct

Has anyone else with They/Them pronouns been misgendered, and when correcting the person the given excuse is “Well I just want to be grammatically correct” and your just like no???? That’s not an excuse??? Using They and them are still correct? 

Like I don’t get that people use They when referring to another all the time for example. “Hey your boss called” “Oh really? What did they want?” 

Just- I’m tiered of bullshit excuses just because you want to be an dick because your fucking “Grammatically correct” Bullshit. Get the fuck out of my face and stop misgendering people please. 

I’m also able to compose grammatically correct sentences.

I’m going to school to be an English teacher. 

I will teach the youth.

Frightening, isn’t it?

michael would have a jonas brothers playlist playing as he drove you home from homecoming which both of you would be happily jamming out to but once you were a couple of minutes away from your destination the song love bug would come on and once he noticed you start to blush at the cute and mushy lyrics he would start to sing along and give you flirty glances as much as he could without crashing the car and once you guys finally reached your house you would try to book it out the door as fast as possible whilst saying a quick thanks under your breath but he would foil your plans by taking hold of your arm and pulling you closer to him until your lips met for a kiss so quick that it took a second to even register before he pulled away fully and cheekily told you hell see you monday morning at school

how many times do you think suho has replayed all the music kris ever gave to him

he probably has playlists. and some of it is in Korean so he can understand the lyrics but there are also songs in English and Mandarin, songs he never would have found without Kris, songs they listened to together late at night. Kris would mumble out translations of the lyrics, tracing his fingers on Suho’s hand instead of looking him in the eye because Kris has always been a little shy when it comes to love. 

Now Suho plays them over again in the dark, like the first time, but it isn’t the same. All the melodies are there but something is missing and Suho rubs his thumb across his palm over and over and tries to imagine that what he’s missing isn’t Kris.




My life has been a lie.

We have been taught how to know when to us “a” or “an”. “A” is used when ever the word following starts with a consonant. For example: A homicide.

“An” is used when the word following starts with a vowel.
For example: An arson.

But I just realised. When you are talking about unicorns, “an” unicorn doesn’t sound right. “A” unicorn is right, isn’t it?

Assume Vs Presume: Get It Right People

Assume means to “suppose to be the case, without proof,” and presume means to “suppose that something is the case on the basis of probability”.

When you assume something to be the case, you have no reason to believe what you are supposing: no prior experience, no knowledge of the situation. You’re just going with your gut.

When you presume something, on the other hand, you use prior experience or the likelihood of something happening to draw a conclusion.