15 Grammatical Errors that Make You Look Silly
Grammatical errors make you look bad and hurts your effectiveness as a writer. So, we've assembled the 15 most egregious grammar goofs into one helpful infographic. With this handy reference, you'll never look silly again.

by Brian Clark

We’re big advocates of conversational writing that’s engaging, persuasive, and fun. So that means it’s perfectly fine tofracture the occasional stuffy grammatical rule (and many times it’s preferable).

On the other hand, making somegrammatical errors just makes you look bad, and hurts your effectiveness. Sometimes we even misuse words simply because we hear others use them incorrectly.

So, we’ve assembled the 15 most egregious grammar goofs into one helpful infographic. With this handy reference, you’ll never look silly again.

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Clarke & Lexa | Another Earth (AU)
As soon as Clarke sees the new Earth, she knows she has to go there to find Lexa.
Meanwhile, this new Earth has been announced on TV on Lexa’s planet and from that moment she feels some sort of connection with someone far away from her.
Before leaving her planet, Clarke wants to make sure Lexa’s alive on the other Earth, so she manages to communicate with her and leaves as soon she finds out Lexa’s alive.
Will the two girls fall in love all over again?
Will this second chance give them the opportunity to have the happy ending they deserved?

I love the guys that are no good for me. I know I said this before but this time I need you to listen, and not just hear me.

I like the guys that leave me covered in bruises not the ones that leave
roses at my door.
I like the boys that take you to their bedroom, through the
backdoor; not the ones that show you off to their moms.
I like the guys that can fuck me and get up and erase me from their memory.
I like the guys that can say,
“I love you” just as fluently as they can say,
“fuck you, I don’t need this.”

I love the guys that
do not,
can not,
will not ever
love me.

—  My type by (KJ)

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Why doesn’t Dallon get appreciated? He’s a precious tall flower and his bass lines are the raddest shit I’ve ever heard. Yet, Zack and Brendon treat him like he’s a touring member only. Wikipedia and Facebook still say he’s official. What does that mean? Does it mean that Zack doesn’t know shit and Brendon wants to be the center of attention? Or that Dallon got demoted and we don’t know about it? Why wasn’t he on the red carpet at the APMAs? Is this a sign that he’s not official anymore? Apparently he’s not writing songs for the upcoming P!ATD album either. Dallon’s twitter bio was changed from “member of @ panicatthedisco” to “bass for @ panicatthedisco” and he called P!ATD “Brendon’s band”. Does this mean anything?? Does Dallon really think he’s unimportant? Because that’s so not true and it breaks my heart that a wonderful person like Dallon would think that low of himself. Who is he shading on Twitter lately? Who hurt Dallon and made him that salty? Have Brendon or Zack something to do with this? B & Z always make fun of Dallon and I don’t like it at all. Leave D alone. “haha fans don’t want to have Kenny or Dallon in their picture with Brendon :D” you’re so funny Zack!!! Why don’t more people aknowledge that Dallon is an important part of P!ATD?? Would a demotion mean he’d get paid less? We already know he had to have several side jobs in the past although he already was an official member of Panic! at the Disco. I’m worried. “What if he doesn’t want be be in the spotlight?” He stated that he prefers to be in front of the camera and not behind on Twitter and he also could’ve helped writing songs for the upcoming P!ATD album if he really prefers to be “behind the camera”. It looks like Brendon wants to do everything on his own for the new album instead of doing a solo project. He confirmed the upcoming album is kind of a Brendon solo thing. Was he serious about that?? Update: 8/22/15 periscope: Someone asked about a possible Panic! split and Brendon laughed and replied that he can’t split himself in half. So…..P!ATD is a Brendon solo thing now?? What happened to the *band* P!ATD?? Why the fuck is P!ATD still labeled as a “band”???? I’m happy if Dallon’s happy but….. Dallon aka the tall sunflower deserves better.


Disney Princess Profile

*Elsa excluded because her royal title is not a princess*


Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic inspiring kids to read books campaign (x) (x)

“I support Kids Need To Read because it fosters a desire to learn, the process of self-improvement, and the chance for children’s minds to grow.” - Nathan FillionIn real life, the 35-year-old actress is a lover of the written word. “I try to read as much as possible and I’ve got a book in hand all of the time.” - Stana Katic