Wow, what a gorgeous take on tarantulas. Very soothing, surprisingly.

Tarantula Emergency!

Okay guys I need some help.

Penelope molted for the first time since I’ve brought her home… something like 9 months now? Good, right?

Well, maybe not. I thought she was finished molting She was upright, and it looked like the molt wasn’t attached. So I gently pulled her tank off the shelf to check it for crickets (I was pretty sure I’d missed some - and I had). It startled her, and she bolted across the tank, and dragged the entire shed with her. Turns out she had gotten the back and legs and spinnerets off, but it was still attached on the top of her abdomen.

I gently placed her back, added water to her dish to raise the humidity, and left her overnight. It’s still stuck. I’m freaking out. I’ve been finding some stuff saying that if she can’t get her shed off before it hardens that she could die and I don’t know what to do. I can’t just pull the damn thing off.

I’m so scared guys, please help.


Vin Diesel my Rosehair Tarantula! Kind of a sad story with this one. A while ago at work I came across a Rosehair with a missing leg and a bunch of maggots in the hole. So I brought her home and tried nursing her back to health. Unfortunately, she died while molting and I may have been the cause. I really beat myself up about the whole thing and wasn’t ready for a new one but my boyfriends mom, out of the kindness of her heart, bought me a new one. So I’ve had her for less than a year I think.

Rosehair Facts

Rosehair tarantulas (Grammastola rosea) are probably the most common tarantulas kept as pets. This New World species is generally docile and like all New Worlds does not rely on biting as a defense. Instead they kick off articulating hairs from the abdomen. These hairs are extremely irritating causing swelling, redness, burning pain, and itching. Usually they don’t cause any serious damage unless you get some in your eyes. Females of this species can live around twenty years while males only live to be seven or eight. Tarantulas are insectivores, meaning they eat invertebrates. In captivity they eat crickets, feeder cockroaches, mealworms, superworms, and other feeder insects. G. rosea are native to Chile and live in dry scrubland.

Fun Facts About Vin Diesel

  • Vin Diesel is not a male. She is female… I let my boyfriend name her.
  • She eats sporadically which is normal for a lot of tarantulas. She just came out of a fasting period she was in for a few weeks.
  • She drinks from a water dish.
  • She is VERY docile. I can handle her in pretty much any way I want. She’s never displayed or attempted to kick any hairs at me. I would let pretty much anyone hold her.
  • She is approximately 8 years old and presumably wild caught. Most specimens in pet stores are wild caught females.
  • Her last molt must not have gone right, one of her spinnerets is all funky now.