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I’m Nothing Without Her- Part 2 - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Word Count: 1.098

Warnings: Cussing

Author’s Note: Not proof read. Ignore any grammar errors, ha.

My Teen Wolf Master List

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The ball flew at full speed towards Liam. Before he could catch the ball with his lacrosse stick, Y/N ran towards him. She aimed low before standing up straight and flipped him over her shoulder. Liam let out a loud groan when his back hit the hard ground.

“Nice job, Little McCall!” Coach Finstock yelled across the field before he blew the whistle, signaling the end of practice. “Hit the showers! Your stench is making my eyes watery!”

A couple of guys jogged towards the locker rooms, while others grabbed a quick drink from the table filled with water bottles. Scott rushed to Liam’s side, who was still struggling to sit up. Y/N removed her helmet as she walked right pass them without so much as glancing at them.

“Y/N, what the hell?” Scott hissed. “You could have hurt him.”

“We both know he’ll be perfectly fine,” she said over her shoulder as she kept on waking towards the girls’ locker room.

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What’s Up with “Titled” and “Entitled”?

Therefore, both of these are correct:

  • I found a book entitled The Great Gatsby. 🍸🎆
  • I found a book titled The Great Gatsby. 🍸🎆

On a side note, it’s important to remember that entitled also has a different meaning, which “titled” doesn’t share: to give someone a legal right or just claim to do something:

  • As human beings, we are entitled to basic rights and freedoms, regardless of gender, race, or religion. 
  • This ticket entitles you to board this ship and take a voyage you’ll never forget. 🎟🚢
  • You are entitled to pound your fist against your chest as many times as you want.
I’m Nothing Without Her – Part 3 - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 1,674

Warnings: curse words

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry this took forever! I’ve been extremely busy, but here it is. The final chapter to the mini I’m Nothing Without Her series. I hope you enjoy it. Also, this wasn’t beta-proofed, so sorry for any grammar errors.

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

[Part 1] [Part 2]

I watched Liam and Brett from the sidelines, standing next to my teammate Nolan. The team was completely quite as Brett ran towards Liam. Brett tricked him into thinking he was running to the left side before he changed his mind and ran to the right side. Liam missed Brett completely and ended up falling to the ground. Brett pulled his lacrosse stick back before he flung it forward, letting the lacrosse ball fly straight into the net, scoring a goal. The guys on the sidelines “Oooh-ed”, completely impressed by Brett’s trick.

“Perfect split dodge,” Brett explained the play to us with a smirk on his face. He walked backwards until he reached the middle of the lacrosse field. He picked up the ball with his stick and started running towards Liam again. Liam charged towards Brett, only to be shoved to the side with Brett’s shoulder, making him stumble to the ground again. Liam quickly looked up and saw Brett make another goal.

“Perfect rocker,” Brett said as he walked by Liam. The guys were impressed by Brett’s lacrosse skills.

“Just remember to cover your back, especially if your opponent’s a dick,” Liam explained to us as his eyes never left Brett’s.

“You got some pretty big cleats to fill with Scott leaving. You ready for all of this?” Brett asked Liam.

“I managed all summer,” Liam answered, causing me to roll my eyes as I let out a small scoff.

“Summer’s over.”

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Stiles: alright that’s pretty much all my stuff, looks like I’m all settled.
He turns to Lydia who has her head down with a look of sadness. He walks closer and lifts her chin up. With a gentle stroke he wipes her tear away.
Stiles: hey I’m not gonna stay here forever, remember our plan we’re gonna meet in the middle.
Lydia: I hate goodbyes I don’t wanna say goodbye.
Stiles: Lydia, this isn’t goodbye okay, we will always find our way back to each other.
Lydia: I love you.
Stiles with a soft smile
Stiles: I love you too.
(It’s Ok by Frida begins to play)
His hand moves to her check then through her hair as he begins to kiss her lips gently……which leads to a make out then our long awaited sex scene:)

a girl can dream can’t she

Listen to My Life

Hey guys, I was on the tube and bored so I decided to go through my music library and create a playlist that loosely told my perspective on my life up to this point.

It was super nostalgic and satisfying and I think a lot of people might love it, both to do for themselves and to hear other people’s lives for a few hours. And find new music. Anyway, @fitmunk agreed so here we go.

Here’s my list of 52 songs that loosely (sometimes abstractly) tell my story so far. Listen if you want/can.

1. “Some Nights Intro” by Fun.
2. “Some nights” by fun.
3. “Nature Boy” performed by Gaga and Tony Bennett
4. “Moonage Daydream” by David Bowie
5. “She’s A Woman” from The Kiss of the Spider Woman
6. “15 minutes” by The Yeah You’s
7. “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics
8. “Gods and Monsters” performed by Jessica Lange
9. “Ain’t It Fun” by Paramore
10. “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen
11. “Crazy” by Diana Salvatore
12. “Americano” by Lady Gaga
13. “Boys boys boys” by Lady Gaga
14. “Youth” by Troye Sivan
15. “Without You” by David Guetta feat. Usher
16. “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding
17. “Close” by Nick Jonas feat. Tove Lo
18. “Honey, I’m Good” by Andy Grammar
19. “The Wolf” by Miniature Tigers
20. “The Greatest” by Ellie Goulding
21. “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry
22. “Just Give Me A Reason” by P!nk feat. Nate Ruess
23. “Please Don’t Leave Me” by P!nk
24. “Sorrow” by David Bowie
25. “Heartbreak Down” by P!nk
26. “Send My Love” by Adele
27. “Water Under the Bridge” by Adele
28. “Another Lonely Night” Adam Lambert
29. “Pretty Hurts” by Beyoncé
30. “Grigio Girls” by Lady Gaga
31. “The Lucky Ones” by Val Emmich
32. “So What!” By P!nk
33. “Gypsy” by Lady Gaga
34. “Elastic Heart” by Sia
35. “Sinner’s Prayer” by Lady Gaga
36. “Fame” by David Bowie
37. “John Wayne” by Lady Gaga
38. “Masterpiece” by Jessie J
39. “Who You Are” by Jessie J
40. “Midnight Decisions” by Sia
41. “Wild” by Jessie J
42. “Starman” by David Bowie
43. “Yoü and I” by Lady Gaga
44. “Stay With Me” performed by Meryl Streep
45. “Don’t Let Me Get Me” by P!nk
46. “The Winner Takes It All” performed by Meryl Streep
47. “Try” by P!nk
48. “Alive” by Sia
49. “Liability” by Lorde
50. “Audition” performed by Emma Stone
51. “Flight Plan” my original poem, performed by Sam Baker Jones
52. “Moon River” performed by Audrey Hepburn

Don’t worry I know it’s not very cool but it’s me.

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Imagine: Your brother tries to tell you about the supernatural world but you guys end up fighting.

“Okay, yes! Okay.. No-” Stiles, your brother, muttered to himself as he was pacing around in his room with thoughts bouncing through his hurting head. He didn’t know how to tell you about all the different creatures lurking in the dark.

“Stiles, just please get to the point. I got more important stuff to do than listen to you, speaking with yourself.” You told him with annoyance sipping through your dry voice. You had been stressed all week, especially since it was the last week to study before it was time to write all the different exams.

“I’m sorry I’m just trying to- trying to figure out a way to start here.”

“But you know perfectly well that I don’t got this kind of time!” You argued.

“Uhm, so there is this special world out there that shouldn’t exist- like it really shouldn’t exist in our world- but it kind of do. It’s full of, you know, dangerous creatures that can rip you apart within a blink of an eye. Lets take werewolf’s as an example. Basically; they exist! Some are very nice while other aren’t. They also have these small teeth that can bite you, and those-” Stiles rambled on until you cut him off.

“Do you hear what you are saying Stiles? It sounds ridiculous.” A sarcastic laugh escaped through your lips before you bitterly started to lecture him. 

“Okay but let me-” Stiles helplessly tried to explain.

“Are you on drugs?” You asked him curiously with your eyebrows slightly raising. Your hands reached to grab his chin, but he was quick with pushing your hands away and stumbling backwards.

“No! Wh-what are you talking a-” He argued.

“Where the hell did you get the drugs from?” You continued to ask with wide eyes.

“Listen, I’m not on-” 

“Dad is gonna flip when he finds out.” 

“(Y/n), can you just shut-”

“I’m disappointed in you, I thought you knew better than this.” You send your brother a cold glare and just as he was about to open his mouth to protest, you began to speak.”It burns your brain up until it’s nothing left and can cause serious damages! Your might give you liver granulomas or tumors! It might cause your p-”

“OKAY!” Stiles screamed. He was tired of you cutting him off all the time and not listening to what he was telling you, it only made everything harder for him. And the fact that you thought he was taking drugs made him feel extremely offended.

“You’re a little crazy” You told him as you held your ears. He had screamed so loud that you could feel a headache start to build up.

“LET ME TALK” He screamed again.

nocturnal a playlist for tired and sleepy people (requested by anon)

listen here

still from like crazy

( AU where Nolan is Scott’s newly turned beta, that happened to get caught in the middle of a battle, with a random supernatural beast. I wanted to write this because I love the idea of this little dude getting the pack/family he deserves. Plus Theo and Liam of course.)

Nolan: *Nervously moves forward, staring wide-eyed at the fight unfolding between Theo, Liam and a beast. Unbeknownst to him, there is more than one.* W-what should I do?? *Practically begging for some direction from the more seasoned werewolf. Uncertainty radiating off him in waves as he inches closer. So badly wanting to assist his new pack but virtually paralyzed by his fear.*

Liam: Fight before you get yourself killed! *Growls out a plea, while fighting against another supernatural enemy, with the help of his chimera.*

Nolan: Okay but- *Fingers tightly clenched around his sleeves, unsure how to force his frozen body to fight.*

Liam: -NOW NOLAN! *Panic in his voice as he sees another creature heading straight for the newest beta. Helpless to do anything as he’s still stuck battling his own opponent*

Nolan: *Jolts at Liam’s tone.* A-alright…*Bows his head and takes a shaky breath.*-I’ll be…okay. *Lifts his head and stares directly ahead to the creature. His scared eyes begin to illuminate bright yellow-gold. The color powerful enough to contrast the dark circles under his eyes. He suddenly stumbles backward, as he realizes just how fast the creature is coming for him.*

Theo: Not really a fighter, is he? *Mentally taking note while holding the beast in a tight headlock.*

Liam: Not the time, Theo!! *Gets a good punch in before Theo drops the limp body*

Theo: *Looks over to the newest beta who’s struggling badly in the fight.* We should probably go and-

Liam:-Yup!*Rushes them over to assist the weaker beta.*

(I wrote this out pretty fast as it popped into my head, so please forgive me for any typos and grammar mistakes.)

The differences in the way the show depicts Stiles’ and Liam’s bad actions toward Scott are very telling.

Liam, partially influenced by the Super Moon, almost kills Scott. He is shown to be very remorseful, his murder attempt is depicted as wrong, Scott is allowed to resent him. Liam feels super guilty and is worried about his relationship with Scott. He also kind of apologizes.

Stiles, stressed and angry because his father is dying, brutally attacks Scott even though he knows Scott was already badly injured. He doesn’t show any remorse about this later, he doesn’t even show concern about Scott’s well-being after learning that Theo killed him. Worse, him hurting Scott is depicted as understandable, and Scott is shown to be the one who needs to be forgiven. Scott isn’t allowed to resent Stiles, he rather has to miserably waits for Stiles to want to be friends with him again, as if he was the one who attacked Stiles. Stiles doesn’t worry, not even once, about the consequences assaulting Scott may have on their relationship.

This show is so biased in favor of Stiles it’s ridiculous. Liam and Stiles both do something terrible to Scott, and yet only one of them is held accountable for his actions. Stiles takes Scott and their relationship for granted, the show is written that way. Scott can never be angry at Stiles, or resent him. Stiles never has to bear the consequences of his terrible behaviour toward Scott.

The imbalance of their relationship was already obvious, but the fact that Liam and Stiles both hurt Scott in a similar way, and then the show “solved” it in two very different manners, makes it even more blatant.

“Lydia, you’re so smart I could kiss you right now”

Do you know what i love about this scene? 

I love that Stiles is still the only one who knows how smart Lydia is. He keeps saying it to her and making sure she knows. But he’s way more confident with her than he used to. And not only he says she’s smart, but he also proves his enthusiasm with the “i could kiss you right now”. 

You can see it takes Lydia off guard and she doesn’t laugh or say thank you or anything. She still doesn’t want Stiles to know how much she loves him, so she just says “do now kiss me”.

But Stiles do it. He kisses her on her cheek. He doesn’t care she told her not to do it. He’s way too excited. He’s just so proud of Lydia that he has to kiss her. He looks like a 8 years old boy who has been told not to play with that toy because he has to do his homework. But he doesn’t care and he goes for it. “I did it anyways”

But what really killed me was Lydia’s face when he kisses her. It’s the first time he does something like that. Yes, he has told her how smart she is. He has even told her how beutiful she is. But she didn’t expect him to kiss her. And she’s in shock, procesing what has just happened. And then she realises how much she cares about him. How many things she’s been through and the way Stiles was always there. She realises how much she loves him. 

And she smiles. She smiles because he told her she’s smart. She smiles because he kissed her. She smiles because she has no clue how she can be in love with such a dork. But she is. And she doesn’t regret it. 


       I’ve only been into Teen Wolf for a year, but what a year it’s been! I never thought, when tumblr seduced me into watching a show about werewolves, that it would take over my life and, more importantly, my closet. I’ve always been a cosplayer, even before I knew what that meant, and dressing up as my favorite characters when I go to conventions is something I’ve been doing for years. So when I realized that I could buy exact outfits from the shows on sites like ebay and poshmark, I started looking for any exact matches I could find.

       The first piece I identified and purchased was Lydia’s skirt from “Wolf Moon” and “More Bad Than Good.” From then on, I was hooked. My newfound passion led to the creation of teenwolfoutfitshoppe, which I run myself, and teenwolfcosplay, where I’m a co-mod. I share whatever active links I can with my followers, so they can add Teen Wolf clothes to their closets, too. They’ve even been helping out and sending in links when they stumble across something from Teen Wolf. My co-mod and I even give advice on how to alter outfits that have been modified by Teen Wolf’s wardrobe staff, and how to achieve the hair styles.

       Everything I’ve learned from being part of these two blogs has helped me personally, as well. I found the perfect outfits to wear for my cosplays at NYCC last year, where I got to meet the Stilinski men and creator Jeff Davis. Both Jeff and Dylan commented on my Lydia dress from the 3A mid-season finale, even though I had ditched my wig by that point in the day. It made my weekend so much better, since I had lost my voice, and the Teen Wolf guys were really sweet and even laughed at my ‘banshee lost her voice’ joke. It was one of my most memorable con experiences, to date.

       In a surprising way, Teen Wolf’s helped me in my career, too. Like some college graduates, I have no idea what I want to do with my life, even though I loved majoring in Italian. Now, I feel like I could really see myself making a career in fashion, and my new job as a sales associate has those kind of opportunities available. I actually applied there because Teen Wolf featured so many outfits from the store, and they liked how enthused I am about the clothing. So, thank you, Teen Wolf, for both my closet full of cute outfits and for introducing me to possibilities I never realized were out there.

So I’m no master with Teen Wolf meta, but I thought I’d just add something in, it’s not much but yeah.

This clip of Isaac looking up all badass-like was perfectly timed with Deaton talking about a spirit taking over a human, followed by Derek being all nogitsune-y, which isn’t too out of the ordinary as we’ve realised the nogitsune can control anyone (Stiles, Oliver, Allison). However I don’t think this gif shows Isaac possessed, I think he’s almost having an epiphany, if you will.

Allison asks, “what are you doing over there?” and we have no idea what’s happened in the rest of this scene, but I think either Allison has said something/Isaac has saw something that is a little.. off. I think this scene is Isaac working out that something fucked up *cough* nogitsune *cough* is going on with Allison. And episode 21 is next week (episode 9 of 3B), which means if it follows pattern, we should find out who the real big bad is/what the hell else is going on in this creepy little town of their’s.


if you’re splitting hairs ; a narusaku fanmix [listen]

i. calling in the name of love active child // ii. beloved say lou lou // iii. chamakay blood orange // iv. take care drake //v. get the message lusine // vi. lay your cards out poliça // vii. stay awake london grammar // viii. hypolight mt wolf // ix. now is not the time chvrches // x. diamond heart active child // xi. hearts like ours the naked and famous

cap credit @ mangacapped