grammar problems

Your responsibility to be ready for the fight…. is coming soon

-James Yeager

Last night I watched a bunch of James Yeager videos on youtube. He is really annoying (super tight extra medium tshirts, shoulder tick, etc), but he does have good information which seems like recycled bits of info and training from other legit places. (i’m thinking blackwater, pmc type training) He ends most of his videos with that awkward quote. It’s like a weird run-on sentence. IS my responsibility coming soon?, is the fight coming soon? It doesn’t even make sense really. Maybe somebody can break it down for me, but why doesn’t he just say “You are responsible to be ready for the coming fight. ” or “be ready for the fight” or he could just say “get off the x”?

It’s worse when he changes up his own “catch phrase” and he never really delivers it the same way twice.