grammar nazi moment

In This Moment "Grammar Nazis"; Think Before You Post

In this generation of social media, we are quick to judge others simply because we can. My favorite [note the sarcasm] of these people are what are referred to as “Grammar Nazis”. And they are especially prevalent in the In This Moment fandom. These people sit around waiting on them to make a mistake just so that they can “correct” their spelling, capitalization, or punctuation, and it’s most often directed towards posts Maria makes. Normally things like this wouldn’t bother me, but in her case, I have to say, it really does.

As most of us already know, Maria dropped out of school in the 9th grade in order to take care of her (then) newborn child, Davion, and she never finished school. Here’s an excerpt from a recent interview where she talks about it a bit:

Interviewer: Did you ever think about going back to school and finish it?

Maria: It wasn´t my path. My son did graduate and I was very on top of making sure that I wanted my son to graduate. He was the first in our family to graduate and I wanted him to really make sure he did that. For me, I just ended up being this eccentric, corky artist. I´m super dyslexic and I struggle a lot with concentration. I have OCD and it took me a lot of years to learn how to get more in touch with my intelligent side. I started doing interviews and I listened to cd´s that taught me about new words and so on. I almost started self teaching myself in the beginning of my career.

Please - think before you post something next time to try and “correct” her. It’s very disrespectful towards her, not to mention a slap in the face to anyone with any kind of a disability.