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Haikyuu!! + @ao3tagoftheday

I had breakfast with my little sister this morning and she spent a good chunk of time talking about the Harry Potter self-insert fanfic she was writing with one of her friends (since 11 is the perfect age) and I’m just? so happy?? like the way her face lit up while he was talking about it and the adventures that she and her friend were going to have and talking about how their Charms professor had it out for them and put them in detention and Luna Lovegood was teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts??? and a whole subplot with an evil professor who was a Metamorphmagus and was trying to corrupt her daughter and using the Imperius Curse to mislead people… it was so creative and wonderful and I’m so happy I had a chance to talk to her and encourage her and show interest in what she’s doing!

anonymous asked:

Idk why are you all stressed about Harry and Louis lives it's obvious that Larry is not real they are not even in the same circles so why don't you just enjoy what they do without making 382838 posts of how you hate everything they do they tweet they post their friends and everything

Idk why you are all so stressed about Harry and Louis and larries, it’s obvious you’re officially, publicly having everything you dreamed about and more, so why don’t you just enjoy what they do without sending 238746 idiotic asks to us and screenshotting all of our posts to add senseless, rude comments under them? 

What do you care? what’s wrong with YOU? I mean, I know what it is wrong, but do you?

My Lay in Bed Playlist

1.   Shuffle- Bombay Bicycle Club

2.   Something Good - Alt-J

3.   Crystalised - The xx

4.   1901 - Phoenix

5.   Afraid - The Neighbourhood

6.   Sweater Weather-The Neighbourhood

7.   Black Gold - Foals

8.   R U Mine - Arctic Monkeys

9.   Hey Now - London Grammar

10.  What You Know-Two Door Cinema Club
11.  Pioneers -The Lighthouse and the Whaler

12.  Plane vs. Tank. vs. Submarine-Tigers Jaw

13.   Breathe Me - Sia

14.  Dead Wrong -Somos

15.  Often- The Weeknd

16.  Only Love - Ben Howard

17.  Heretic Pride - Mountain Goats

18.  Hang Me Up To Dry- Cold War Kids

19. This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Mother Fucker - Maroon 5

20.  Never Let Me Go - Florence and the Machine

Hope you guys like it :)

“Aww, I chipped my nail! ….Hey, Loki, can you fix it? Magically?”

*deep, dramatic sigh from the poor tortured soul that is my Loki
“I suppose I could do that, yes. It’s within my power.”

“Thanks Babe!”

*Loki does nothing, nail is still chipped*

“Okaaaaaaay, so…”

*Loki continues doing nothing, nail continues being chipped*

“…Oh, for the love of - WILL you magically fix my manicure, please?”

*Loki’s hand twitches, nail is fixed, and my red/glitter gradient polish turns green*

“…Thaaaaaaanks, Babe.”