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To all artists/bloggers on tumblr;

Do not be sad because of losting some followers or don’t taking much likes, remember, the blog is for yourself and for those that really appreciate it.
The number isn’t important.

I love all my followers for being with me from the start and still are with me❤

The thing about fictional worlds is, that once you begin to know them, you don’t just seal them into your heart. You leave a piece of your heart with them. One piece of your heart becomes them. And after one by one, you are rather living in those worlds, than  in reality. This is the reason why they mean so much to you - not just a place to escape, but family and a home that gives you a reason to live. And that’s why only the idea of saying goodbye to them, breaks your heart. Because you can’t just rip out your heart, can you?

stop saying “his or her”

use their

piss off prescriptivists
acknowledge nonbinary identities
make your sentences less clunky
advocate for common usage which is what leads to grammatical acceptance 


watching the dunkirk trailer - a moodboard


Haikyuu!! + @ao3tagoftheday

New Music Friyay

it’s that day of the week when we ask ourselves, why all of this good music?

- I promise this will be the last time, but COIN released their new album. Okay let’s move on.

- Lana Del Rey released her track Lust For Life with The Weeknd. Let me know what you guys think of the Sugar Daddy Queen’s newest song.

- Bleachers put out their newest song Hate That You Know Me. I like this song, but i prefer don’t take the money better.

- PARAMORE RELEASED THEIR NEW SONG HARD TIMES AND ANNOUNCED THEIR NEW ALBUM AFTER LAUGHTER. I’ve loved them since i was a tiny middle schooler and i love this song so much.

- London Grammar put out their song Oh Woman Oh Man. Always will be my chill babies.

Some more tracks i loved this week are:

- MØ released her new song Nights With You

- Misterwives put out their song Drummer Boy.

- Panama released Hope For Something.

-Joywave put out their song Content.

Let me know what your favorites were and if i missed anything friyay worthy.

Can I talk about The Wide Window for a second?

Specifically– how the book, the 2004 movie, and the new Netflix series all manage to portray the same exact scene with three different themes?

Naturally, there are probably going to be spoilers, so read on at your own discretion, a phrase which here means, ‘make a choice and don’t blame me if it was the wrong choice for you…’

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My Lay in Bed Playlist

1.   Shuffle- Bombay Bicycle Club

2.   Something Good - Alt-J

3.   Crystalised - The xx

4.   1901 - Phoenix

5.   Afraid - The Neighbourhood

6.   Sweater Weather-The Neighbourhood

7.   Black Gold - Foals

8.   R U Mine - Arctic Monkeys

9.   Hey Now - London Grammar

10.  What You Know-Two Door Cinema Club
11.  Pioneers -The Lighthouse and the Whaler

12.  Plane vs. Tank. vs. Submarine-Tigers Jaw

13.   Breathe Me - Sia

14.  Dead Wrong -Somos

15.  Often- The Weeknd

16.  Only Love - Ben Howard

17.  Heretic Pride - Mountain Goats

18.  Hang Me Up To Dry- Cold War Kids

19. This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Mother Fucker - Maroon 5

20.  Never Let Me Go - Florence and the Machine

Hope you guys like it :)

note to self: Don’t read fanfiction while in class, you’ll make weird noises and then someone is going to read the sex scene behind your shoulder. 
I might have destroyed some innocence.. (he’s 3 years younger then me)