Guardian >> Four-Dimensional Human review – the age of self-publicity

by Jemima Kiss Laurence Scott’s book explores an era where we are the 24/7 publicity representatives of our own lives

How does it feel to exist in a life so dominated by digital technologies? Laurence Scott’s The Four-Dimensional Human is a delicate, reflective book that compares our modern transformation to the Victorian preoccupation with a spiritual and science-fictional fourth dimension of being.

Rather than explore the more clinical concerns about attention spans or concentration, Scott says he wanted to explore our shared anxieties about living in a pervasively networked environment. “We are engaged in a 24/7 news cycle of the self,” he says. “People claim to feel more isolated, more restless than ever, and there’s a self-consciousness to our behaviour.” We are constantly filtering, he says, and explains that his students now refer to things as “grammable”, or Instagrammable, as a currency of social value, because eventually new technologies change our behaviour when they become mainstream. Our constant re-presentation of ourselves gives us an illusory feeling of being the publicity reps for our own lives. “There’s always been this comical idea that we don’t have the copyright to our own lives. Who you are will be composed of other people, gossip you can’t control – we’re always bleeding out of ourselves and we can’t control the perceptions of others. If we’re honest, there’s an emotional toll to the idea of being our own publicists: how was my latest release really perceived?”

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