gramma's boy


Okay, but Mulligan is a big Gramma’s Boy and his gramma knitted him the beanie he wears all the time. Well it somehow winds up in the laundry and the dryer destroys it and he just breaks down because his nan is still in Ireland and he hasn’t seen her since Christmas, two years ago. He has no clue when he’ll see her again, or if she’ll even be around next time they have enough money to fly. And Laf is devestated (he wasn’t the one who threw the beanie in the wash - he’s always very careful about that kind of thing, but he still feels so bad), so he calls his cousins and finds out which ones are in the UK and sends them to see if they can get a new beanie. Two weeks later, Herc is still distraught, but Laf comes over with this little package and sits by Hercules and hands it to him without saying a word, and he hesitates before opening it and he puts a hand over his mouth because there’s a picture of his nan with a letter telling him that she misses him and that she’s proud of him, and there’s also a brand new beanie. And lemme tell you, Herc is just about in tears and he hugs Laf so tight and thanks him over and over again.