Symptoms indicating that you might have read the newest chapter of Fairy Tail


Is Mashima counting down to something big??

Just what are we in store for?

I’m sorry if this has already been pointed out, I’m sure it could have already been in which case I apologize for the reiteration but…

Based off the spoilers for the upcoming chapters and the last chapter, there has been a recurring theme (however short it may be) amongst them.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, maybe it’s nothing at all. But it is all a little too conveniently setup. We all know that the number seven has been prominent throughout Fairy Tail. And that each time the number is brought up, it’s attached to something significant.

7/7/x777 the dragons “disappear” to their slayers. Lucy and Natsu meet 7 years after Igneel’s “disappearance.” 7 year gap. 7 dragon slayers. 7 dragons came through the gate. Future Rogue was from 7 years in the future. Heck, we even recently found out that Grami learned of Layla’s state 7 days after she opened the Eclipse Gate.

Getting back on track, it looks like this countdown has begun from chapter 483, Seven Stars.

So far on our short list there is:

  • Seven Stars
  • Six Monsters
  • First Meal in Five Days

This is where we’re at so far and I wonder what is potentially waiting for us at the end(lol.)

A brief Acnologia face off with our favorite Fire Dragon Slayer(and Celestial Mage)?

Natsu reveals he is E.N.D to anyone else at this point (hopefully to Lucy, especially if they run off to fight August together??)

Natsu turns into E.N.D? (Though I imagine this may take place just a bit later at the next milestone – chapter 500 presumably?)

I’m honestly hoping for a reveal and some sort of emotional interaction on Natsu’s part because he must be in absolute turmoil. He needs to get this off his chest and Lucy just might be the only one with him at that point.