anonymous asked:

Ohhh my gosh I think I'm in love with your abronia. I was not even aware creatures like that existed in the CB community (goes to show how much more I have to learn) But his colors are inSANE gosh the blue eyes, verdant green scales, gold throat ahhh he's gorgeous! I hope he's enjoying his enclosure and getting lots of yummy bits and bobs to eat :D And have a good day!

Yes Abronia are definitely a well kept secret! A. graminea are definitely the easiest and lowest cost out of the various Abronia spp. Many of the other species are just as unique and gorgeous as well. My guy has settled in well and is eating and basking and overall being a happy lizard. 

thenuggetwhocouldfly asked:

Where did you get your Abronia? I was looking into getting one myself, but I can't find any nearby. (As in all the states around me nearby.)

I got lucky with my Abronia! Someone in my area just happened to be selling off the last of theirs and he was the only one left. They can be tough to find, I would probably just keep an eye on fauna classifieds or kingsnake but abronia don’t have the cheapest pricetag, with A. graminea being the cheapest species available (with CB/CBB animals typically starting around $300+). That being said here are some current Abronia sales from kingsnake:

Keep in mind that I do not know or endorse these sellers! So buy at your own risk. Just giving you a feel for what currently out there, and remember always try to buy long term captives or well started imports if you can’t find CBB/CB.