I’m trying to break the habit my mom passed on to me of only saying the genus of a plant’s latin name…. that’s not helpful lol like there are some specific plants I only know as “Euphorbia” or “Begonia” and like… do you know how many Euphorbia there are that look NOTHING ALIKE…. do you know how many Begonia there are that are RADICALLY DIFFERENT 

like Euphorbia especially it can look like this (most common to see in a greenhouse… it’s an annual good for showiness by itself or in a pot with other upright flowers) and is usually listed as just ‘Euphorbia hybrid’ but it’s usually a E. hypericifolia and E. graminea hybrid … I think

Euphorbia is also….. poinsettias. That’s Euphorbia pulcherrima

Euphorbia cotinifolia is a tree from Mexico and South America

Euphorbia horrida is basically a cactus

Euphorbia ingens is…. a cactus tree, though you often see these commercially before they get to the tree stage

Then, Euphorbia myrsinites… looks like a stretchy echeveria almost

This is Euphorbia obesa

And there are way too many for me to keep going honestly a lot of the commonly sold “cacti” are actually Euphorbia.


I haven’t been posting much lately, and I’m truly sorry! But, there is a reason! My birthday is on August 6th, so my family put together some money and told me I could use it towards one animal of my choosing. Here is my choice! This awesome little dude is a Abronia graminea. Also known as the Mexican Alligator Lizard/ Arboreal Alligator Lizard . CBB & about a year and a half old.

These guys are super cool and the total opposite of Uromastyx! I’ve wanted one of these guys for a while now and has been a dream lizard of mine. This boy will be fun to work with and I’m really excited for him to settle in.

The past few days I’ve been setting up! I just picked him up at the reptile show today.


I’m long overdue for some showoffs of newbies that I’ve gotten in recently. that being said this is my new male Abronia lythrochila! He has some amazing reds and oranges on his body, and very neat spiky head scales. I’m very excited to add this boy to the family and hopefully in the near future him and the A. graminea will get mates as well. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Abronia this genus is filled with wonderfully small arboreal lizards, although many species are threatened or endangered due to habitat loss/fragmentation.