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My Grandparents

I absolutely have to share this here, even though it has nothing whatsoever to do with MBTI. My grandparents are the most wonderful, adorable couple ever. My grandfather is a big German, and my grandmother is a little Italian. My grandfather is quiet, with a corny sense of humor. My grandmother is … Italian. They’ve been married for over fifty years.

The other day they were at my house, and my grandfather, who recently suffered from a stroke and is recovering, was wearing a T-shirt that said, “I love it when my wife lets me play golf.” I thought that was appropriate for him, since Papa, as we call him, loves to play golf and does it as often as he can.

I said, “Papa, doesn’t Gram always let you play golf?” Because it’s a well-known fact in my family that Gram never makes a fuss about Papa’s golfing habit, and she even buys him golfing equipment and stuff like that.

And Papa said, “Well,of course. I love her all the time.”

And then my heart burst. So, to all those sad cynics who think that marriage is silly, pointless, and doesn’t last, I present to you … my grandparents. 

Grateful for love (Andy Biersack Imagine)

        “Kennedy! Please keep your toys in your room!” You hollered after your 3 year old son, picking up the action figures that he abandoned on the living room floor. He was running laps around the house, laughing as the small family dog chased him. “Kiddo slow down!” Andy instructed, quickly grabbing him and throwing him up in the air. Fit of adorable giggles broke out of him as your Husband of 5 years, Andy Biersack, tickled the life out of him. The two of them were extremely close and did everything together. Every time Black Veil Brides went on tour, Kennedy and yourself would tag along. Ever since you found out you were pregnant with Kennedy 4 years ago, Andy made it extremely clear that he wanted us to be a real family, and by doing so, taking our son to their shows and traveling the world. When Andy and yourself got married, you decided to leave (your home town) to live in Long Beach. Your parents informed you that they would be visiting today, wanting to catch up and to see their grandson, considering Kennedy’s birthday is tomorrow. 

        Andy gently set him down on the cold hardwood floor, smiling down at each other. The way they loved each other made your heart swell up. “But why mommy?” Kennedy walked up to you, holding his arms up in the air, wanting to be picked up. You place him on your side, setting his action figures down on the table beside you. “Well baby, Gram and Papa are coming to see us today!” His small face lit up, smiling from ear to ear. “Cause of my birfday?!” He squealed in delight, clapping his hands when both you and Andy nodded your heads. “Yay! Are they here now?!” You chuckled at your son, seeing how excited he was to see your parents. “Not yet baby, soon!" 

        Your mom texted you, telling you their plane would land at 3:30 and they would grab a taxi to your house. You tried convincing them that you would pick them up from the airport, but they insisted that you stay home. It was now Noon, deciding it was best to start tidying up the rest of the house. The living room and kitchen were already spotless, but the real test would be the upstairs. Kennedy ran back into his room, playing with his toys as you heard him talk to himself as you passed by the closed door. You smirked to yourself, grabbing the vacuum out of the hall closet. Two hands snaked around your waist, making you jump in horror. "Oh my god!” You breathed out, quickly turning around to face Andy. “Damn babe! Didn’t mean to scare the shit out of you!” He chuckled, bringing you into his embrace. “Shut up, you enjoy scaring the shit out of me.” you teased as him, closing the little amount of space you had between the two of you as your wrapped your arms around his neck. “Maybe a little.” He confessed, his voice rough and low as he whispered against your lips. Your lips brushed against each others, Andy quickly deepened it as his masculine hands cupped your jaw line, occasionally gliding his thumb over your cheeks. His tongue, licking your plump lips, begging for entrance. You allowed his access, but before you knew it the heated kiss was interrupted by a door creaking open and a small gasp escaped out of Kennedy’s mouth. “Daddy! Don’t! Don’t eat Mommy!” He ran over to Andy, whacking him off of you. You blushed in embarrassment, trying your best to hold back a laugh. Andy’s eyes widened, trying not to laugh as well. “Ken, I’m not eating mommy. Just gave her a kiss! See?” He walked over to you, giving you a quick peck on the lips in front of Kennedy. “Grown ups are weird.” he muttered, walking back into his room. Andy and yourself chuckled in the hallway, shaking your head at your son’s reaction. He sure was something else.

        "Babe, can you please go clean the entry way and the bathroom downstairs while I tackle up here?“ You began up wrapping the cord to the vacuum, frantically looking up to your husband. "Yeah of course! And Y/N, babe, please take a deep breath. You’re parents aren’t going to judge the house or us. They love us.” His arms wrapped around your back, softly squeezing. You head rested at his chest, listening to his soft heart beat. “I know, I know. Thank you. I love you so much Andy.” You didn’t have to look up to see him smile, you could just hear it in his voice as he responded. “I love you more, Y/N.” and sealed the sentence with a sweet kiss on your forehead. Andy then walked downstairs to clean, leaving you at peace. 

        You quickly finished up the upstairs, and by the time you finished Andy was already done with the entry way. You walked downstairs, noting at how spotless the entire 1st floor of the house was. Damn. It hasn’t been this clean in a while. It was hard to maintain with a messy 3 year old. A whistle escaped your lips, walking into the living room where Andy was watching TV. “You did a very lovely job, Mr. Biersack.” sitting down next to him on the couch, his arm draping across your shoulder. “Why thank ya, Mrs. Biersack. You did well yourself.” The two of you shared a sweet kiss, the doorbell ringing soon enough ending the moment. “GRAM! POPPA!” Kennedy sprinted down the narrow staircase, Nearly flying down. “Kennedy Lee Biersack! Slow down!” You got up from your seat, Andy following right on your heels as you went to answer the door. You turned the knob, revealing your parents. “Mom, Dad.” you gushed, pulling the two of them into a long hug. Andy reconnected with his inlaws, and your son was more than happy to see his grandpartents and recieve his gifts. Complete happiness washed over you, oberserving your surroundings. Everybody was smiling, laughing, and socializing. It was hard not to appreciate this very life you live. Everything was perfect.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this! I’m still taking requests as well! :)

Ficlet combined from two anon prompts.

The first prompt is: c&b have to tell their kid(s) that they are going to get another sibling, and the second prompt is: Castle and Beckett’s little boy is scared/sad ‘cause he thinks that because of his new sibling his parents are not going to love him anymore, probably visit in his parent’s room in the middle of the night or something!

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