Tumblr Crushes:

This seems pretty accurate, except I don’t even follow nooperz. Maybe I should. Also, I just started following fuckyeahnicholasfrost today so I liked a bunch of posts in a row. Anyway, I just wanted to use this neat “post crushes” feature, so that’s the main impetus. But grainy16mm and human-activities are cool people I know IRL and nevver and flight001 are pretty much my favorite tumblrs ever. Not that anyone cares. THIS HAS BEEN A WASTE OF YOUR TIME.

grainy16mm replied to your post: Listen, I think Nick Frost is super hot, too, gay…

welcome to the ages-old world of “oh, there are no nude photos of this celeb I like? = *HIDEOUS COMPOSITE JOB* aka the Internet.

I know! I know. I’m so late to all internet parties, but I’m totally okay with being late to this one. It just sucks to be at work, looking at the “nick frost” tag and be like, “oh, there’s a screen cap of Shaun of the Dead, there’s that Hot Fuzz promo pic, here he is promoting Paul, and OH GOD here is his face grafted onto the naked body of some guy who has that fat-but-eerily-skinny-neck kind of body.”

Basically: the internet is gross and I learn slowly.