grainte Klaine spoiler anon!

I was going to Google an image of a giant salt boulder, but I got lazy.

This comes–supposedly–from the anon that brought me the Kurt tongue piercing spoiler last year.  And this is an exact quote.  

Take it as ye like.  All I know is that if the anon is who they claim to be, the piercing spoiler they gave me turned out to be legit.  Beyond that I can’t vouch for the validity.

“I have a big spoiler - The wedding in episode 608 is a klaine and brittana double wedding. (I came to you once before with spoilers about Kurt’s tongue pierce. I don’t know if you remember). The wedding scene is actually very beautiful. Crazy as it is. I’m not making this up. Thanks.

spoiler anon here - Kurt’s dad does the wedding for the two couples. It is wacky. But also beautiful, I think. That’s all I can say but it’s true.”

If nothing else, the thought of Burt officiating the Klaine wedding is giving me a serious happy and should be in fanfic yesterday, IMO.