grainte Klaine spoiler anon!

I was going to Google an image of a giant salt boulder, but I got lazy.

This comes—supposedly—from the anon that brought me the Kurt tongue piercing spoiler last year.  And this is an exact quote.  

Take it as ye like.  All I know is that if the anon is who they claim to be, the piercing spoiler they gave me turned out to be legit.  Beyond that I can’t vouch for the validity.

"I have a big spoiler - The wedding in episode 608 is a klaine and brittana double wedding. (I came to you once before with spoilers about Kurt’s tongue pierce. I don’t know if you remember). The wedding scene is actually very beautiful. Crazy as it is. I’m not making this up. Thanks.

spoiler anon here - Kurt’s dad does the wedding for the two couples. It is wacky. But also beautiful, I think. That’s all I can say but it’s true.”

If nothing else, the thought of Burt officiating the Klaine wedding is giving me a serious happy and should be in fanfic yesterday, IMO.

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I have stuff(thangs) that make me believe Olivia,Deanna,Aaron and Eric won’t die on this SF. Doesn’t sound like Spencer is dying soon.(That’s my opinion based on some tweets and other stuff so graint of salt). I don’t know if TSDF counts Morgan as part of “Rick’s group” in my head it’s a yes but I don’t know.

You can’t think of it as someone we would logically without a doubt care if they died cause that’s very relative and TPTB have to make the finale look interesting so…Yeah. I’m almost 100% sure Reg will die. A couple more people also,not sure who. I always thought Jessie would not get her comic death. It’s visually striking but a pretty lame death in the sense that hm well it wouldn’t make her look good at all you know what I mean I thought they could shy away from it cause of her being a victim of DA like I always thought since day1 they would never give Carol her comic death,you know but that’s just my opinion.

That would be more realistic and maybe even more shocking than her original death,could be interesting. GAH’s quote got me thinking who else besides Pete and Reg would be dying. I’m not sure if the story could benefit from Ron or Sam dying next episode? I don’t think so.