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Charles Pieper

Charlie is a filmmaker, animator, and overall creative mad scientist.

We all first met Charlie during summer school at Cal Arts in 2004. Even when we were 16 we could tell he was brilliant. He stood above the flock with his determination, creativity, and dedication. Its been an honor keeping up with his work over the years. He recently showcased some of his drawings at a Twin Peaks art exhibition in LA. Below is a teaser to his new film Last Remnants.

Check out his work at


We did a little interview for our friends at Brother Science TV.


I first met Anna in her teenage years, she told me she wanted to be an artist, i looked at her work and i saw a bright future ahead of her. As time passed i saw her talent develop and it has surpassed my expectations and gone to a whole new level of complexity in her technique. Every time i see her paintings i know it’s her’s as she has already established her own unique look as well as her color scheme choice.
Anna recently received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at California College of the Arts, San Francisco.  She is truly an artist to keep an eye on.

upper left
Oil on Canvas

right side
18"x24". Oil on wood.

Eduardo Herrera

Edwardo’s drawings are full of life and talent. There a witty take on popular culture and the people and environments around the city. His currently studying at Otis school of art and design. He makes really great funny zines and his latest project is a book his reinventing with his drawings. Every time we see a new one of his drawings they make our day and we are really lucky to have him at the show.


Tianna Nicole

Tianna Is an insanely talented Drummer and all around bad ass. She will be DJ'ing all night at Grains. Expect to hear some amazing tunes you don’t normally hear on vinyl.

Check out her bands new music Video created by our rad friends at Brother Science.


Look out for Stephanie at GRAINS. Her one-woman show may be lurking around any corner!

Stephanie Crothers is a native Los Angeleno, an actress, a dancer, and overall a woman of many artistic interests dabbling in writing, drawing, and music. Early on, she was deeply inspired by romantic movies about fantasy and adventure, her history lessons on the Salem witch trials, her father’s classic rock, her dance teacher’s jazz warm-ups set to Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, The Music Man, and Jim Carey’s unconventional physical comedy. Today her art reflects the painful, darker experiences later in her life through which she attempts to transform herself.
Stephanie’s dance training began at the age of 5 and continued for 11 years at a dance company based in Manhattan Beach. There she won several national awards with her company tap ensemble.

At 19, Stephanie officially began studying acting at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, CA. To become more theatrically well rounded, she frequently volunteered as a director, stage manager, and lighting assistant at her college and at the local downtown theater.
She was admitted to the University of Southern California’s School of Theater in 2007 and trained in the Bachelor of Arts acting program. She also participated in the student-run USC Dance Repertory Company as a choreographer and dancer.
This year, Stephanie became a company member at The Open Fist Theater in Hollywood’s theater row. She also actively pursues an acting career in film and television. Above all, she strives to live her life and art each day by Rainer Maria Rilke, the late German poet’s words, “Let everything happen to you/ Beauty and terror/ Just keep going/ No feeling is final.”


The artistic world would change forever in 1950. Growing up in San José, Roy Johns beamed with creativity, passion, and determination, testing the waters in many different artistic outposts at a very young age. In his early adult years he moved to Santa Cruz where he worked as a detailed candle-maker and street performer. He spent time in San Francisco mastering juggling, and settled in LA studying theater and social dance. In 1975 Roy co-created ‘The Mums’ a fantastic juggling/variety group that would go on to win many awards and much notoriety. He continued to worked in Film & Television, had continual shows at the Magic Castle, and performed privately for Andy Warhol, Liz Taylor, and Michael Jackson…to name a few. In 1990 Roy created 'Girls on Stilts’, a successful and stylish stilt-walking group adorned with intricate costumes designed by his lovely partner, Ingrid Ferrin. In 1992 Roy began creating huge power poles, finding them powerful and meditative to make. Roy spends his day developing his own style of contact and bounce juggling, plays tennis regularly, and generously teaches cirque skills to his students including Kasmira and Emma. We are extremely lucky to have Roy Johns perform some juggling and magic extraordinaire at GRAINS. Look out for his power poles hanging around the venue as well!

To view more of Roy Johns’ power poles visit and to learn more about Girls on Stilts check out


Nicole Stetter

Nicole is a writer, artist, musician, and all around one of the most amazing woman we have had to pleasure of calling our friend. She will be displaying one of her story’s on our wall at the show. She is the co-creator of Twin Lemons Collective. They have created an amazing environment for musicians and artist to thrive and meet each other collectively. Below is what a night at there space felt like.


Denise Leitner, is a phenomenal artist stretching her talents throughout the dance and visual arts world. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Denise has worked as a dancer and choreographer across the globe for stage and film, working with numerous dancers including Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, and Bjork. Her company, Dancer’s Voice was founded in 1993 and has been critically acclaimed by the Los Angeles Times, and was nominated for a 2008 Lester Horton Award. In the past years, Denise has transformed her love for dance into a photographic medium taking beautiful movement based shots. Her experience with moving bodies has given her photography a true edge. She continues to teach dance on a regular basis while she sets up her very own studio for her photography. We are very excited to have Denise and her work at the show!

To view more of Denise’s work, check out


Richard William Blanchard is one of 13 children and grew up in rural Maine. Painting in oils and acrylics since he was a child, Richard received his degree in Fine Arts at the University of Maine and studied under Philip Carlo Paratore. Currently Richard paints at his Hollywood studio as well as his studio in Maine. The mix of city life of L.A. and the northern country life of Maine is a constant influence in creating new pieces. Presently Richard is continuing a series of contemporary abstract Expressionist paintings in oil and acrylic on canvas. Richard is most interested in expressing symbolically through his visual language of images: jumbled landscapes, fragmented structures and fences that enclose inner and outer realms, sleeping deer cradled underground, and trees that support a simultaneity of multiple gravities, all signifying a quiet and gentle timelessness. Richard always felt very protected by Maine’s environment and likes to convey that aspect today in these paintings. His images reflect an inward and emotional perspective that also invites the viewer toward their own personal interpretation. Richard won “Best in Show” at the Peace Project with his painting “Epiphany” in 2012. We look forward to having Richard and his paintings at GRAINS!

To view more of Richard’s work please visit


Manantial de Fuego (aka MDF) is an upcoming Rock en Español band from Hesperia CA. Their sound is a modern fusion of rock with latin influences of cumbia, salsa, and ska. In 2012, MDF began hitting the L.A. scene performing in renown venues such as the House of Blues, The Conga Room and Club Ember, among other venues in Hollywood.

MDF went officially public with the release of their first album “Deseos” in 2011 and in 2012 they released their second album “Amor Fatal”.

Dont miss them at Grains!


Roxy Campos & Jorge Herrera (Projections)

Roxy Campos is a Filmmaker and Art Director based in LA. She has worked on huge films like the up and coming The Place Beyond the Pines and A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III. Her shorts are beautiful and we are always proud of everything she does.

Jorge Herrera is an artist, musician, and all around creative mad man. He is one of the creators of Twin Lemons Collective, which showcases bands and artist around the valley and LA. He is one of the nicest dudes you will every meet and he is always impressing us with the stuff he comes up with.

These two are teaming up to do live projections together at the show. Below is Roxy’s latest short film featuring some of Jorge’s and Nicole’s projections.



Beatriz Conde-Corbal was born 25 years ago in Ourense, Spain. She studied fine art photography at the School of Art Antonio Faílde . Her professional experience began when she received a scholarship that took her to France. There she worked at a child agency “ Selenium Photo "of Lyon and discovered her passion for capturing the expressions of children.
A year later she found her self in Malaga, where she studied and received her masters in Graphic Design at Gaussmultimedia. In the meantime she was working at another child photo agency: ‘Fotokids’
Beatriz finished her studies of Audiovisual Film and TV in Toledo, with odd jobs such as photography for catalogs, editorial photography (especially children’s books), custom photography, photo and video retouching. etc.
She currently resides in Barcelona. You can see more of her work on her website and facebook page:

Emma Escamilla

Emmanuel was born in Tuxpan, Nayarit Mexico where he first developed his interest for drawing at an early age sketching cartoons. As a young teenager he made the dramatic move to Hesperia, CA where his high school art teacher expanded his knowledge and passion for the arts.

After struggling with a long four-year artist’s block, Emmanuel is currently residing in LA where he is attacking drawing with full force and a new look. In the last 2 years he has vigorously completely his “Obituary” and “Lend a Hand” Series, and is currently working on his “Migration” and hyper-realistic “Bubble” Series. In his free time, Emma is developing his cirque skills as a stilt-walker, ball walker, and juggler. His love and passion for supporting artists has spawned the creation of GRAINS. Emma Escamilla is an inspiration, and definitely a guy you want on your team.