grain texture

Here’s an animation test from before we began the animation of the film. I had almost no time to figure out the style of the smoke and a way to animate it but yeah it was fun to experiment and I’m very happy with the result !:)

Edit: So you can put 10 images up to 10MB each in one post but it seems like a single gif can’t live here on tumblr if it’s more than 3MB.. So as this stuff is mostly texture work, below 3MB there’s nothing left thank you tumblr I love you so much so much.


One of the most beautiful Zelda fan films I’ve ever seen. So much passion behind this short 4-5 minutes film. Look at the details! The wood grain texture on the masks. I just can’t. I got so many chills watching this. 


Technique studies:

1+4. Alcohol Drops - These cause pigments to repel from where the alcohol is dropped forming ‘fish-eyes’. Spattering can also be used as a technique for cleaner circles or for more varied sizes. I think I will definitely use it for more natural textures, like forest  landscapes or underwater scenes. 

2+3. Salt - Really popular and frequently used, it absorbs pigment and creates a snowflake type texture. I just used small grains for these texture studies, but I am going to experiment with larger flakes to see how they effect the overall color/visuals. 

anonymous asked:

how do you color tamaki? it's so beautiful. like everything you make!

KYAKYAKYAAKAAYAAAAAA ASDFGHJKL:fgb THHAANK YOU SOO M UUCHH  (/////∇/////*)!!! I always wanted to edit something for ouran ♡ :’)  AAAAAAA~♡!(////A/////) SPASIBOO! it’s actually a psd that I made for bungou stray dogs last year xD I called it “bsd psd” PP: lololol and thought it’d look good on tama-chan <333 XD 
wait wait, it’s so simple :D ✨✨💖
but before the psd, apply smart sharpen on 500 amount 

then apply film grain~~ from filters >  artistic > film grain..  on these settings

thenn ♫ add grain // filter > texture > grain..  like this

and thenn surface blur //filter > blur> surface blur .. like this (≧◡≦) ♡

Afterr thaat :DD ✨✨ duplicate the gif (ctrl+J) and apply gaussian blur //filter>blur> gaussian blur on 1 ~♪

Noww the psd PP: ✨💖!☆Vibrance like this :DD 

now selective~~ 




Thhheen ♫✨💖(≧▽≦) hue/saturation 
reds like this 

yellows this 

+ gradient map with these colors 

#7d1808 - #007b9a - #ffcbd4 - #fff1d0 << the colors :DDD 
after that set it on luminosity, opacity 60% 

Annndd done~~~! ✨💖✨💖゚゚+。ヤッタァ★(o゚∀`从'∀゚o)★ヤッタァ。+゚

have an awesome dayy~! σ(≧ε≦o)♡♡