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This is just my short take on my own personal experiences in college, as a bio student!! It’s really short, so i might write more someday??

The room smells like bleach.

It always smells like bleach.

You reach for a loop, sterilize it over the flame, let it cool, and plunge it into the broth. Biology is one of those overlooked talents, but it’s close enough to chemistry so you rarely lose anyone.

Marissa disappeared a few years back.

You never liked Marissa.

You swipe the wet iron loop around the petri dish, treating the solidified agar with… you check the label. Acinteobacter baumanii. After setting the plate down, and covering it, you swipe the loop through the flame again.

Iron loops, salted plates, a dish of cream on the doorstep. All preventative measures that help you get through the day. You thumb at your iron necklace, which doubles as a stim toy, and paw at the salt in your pocket. Today feels.


“Good morning,” your lab partner, Delphinus says, coming into the room.

She smells like poppies and incense, so you avoid eye contact.

It takes another ten minutes for your other lab partner, Tulip, to show up, and the three of you continue to silently contaminate agar plates.

“So, any plans for spring break?” Delphinus asks, and you remain silent. You know it’s a probe, you know you never tell them where you’re going. If you tell them, then They will know.

“I’ll be going back to my house with my family,” Tulip says, and she hisses as her skin burns. She knows not to lie, it’s the deal she made first year.

Perfect grades, perfect jobs, perfect houses. Not a single lie.

“What about you?” Delphinus asks, and you remain quiet. If you lie, you will be punished. If you tell the truth, you will be taken.

If you promote silence, you will skate by.

You finish saturating you plates, and clean up your station before silently slipping out.

It takes fifteen minutes to walk from your lab to your dorm.

Well, in reality, it should only be a simple cross of the street. But you know where the sprinklers are. Today feels different, it feels.


You reach your dorm, your boots damp with the sprinkler water. You throw open the window, and smile at the crows. The crows have always taken a liking to you, you give them raw grain and set your computer to play biology lectures out loud every afternoon. Your personal favorite, Exodus, is playing with a younger crow today, her child. You smile at the young crow, and go for the bag of grain. Before sticking your hand out of the window, you make sure to thumb your iron necklace, just in case.

A sprinkling of grain for a feather, one from Exodus and one from her child, whom you name Siobhan. The crows sing their appreciation, and you sit against your wall, the quiet drone of your professor’s recorded voice lulling you away.

The crows have been your only friends for the last three years.

Other students don’t enjoy the idea of being left in the dark, they want to know, more more more.

“You’re too closed off!” “You never tell us about you!” “Come on, we’re friends now, just give me your name!”

Some whisper that you’ve been cursed, your GPA lends to that idea.

Some say you were born like this, and you’re simply too scared to tell anyone.

Other say that you’re one of them, and if you speak, your voice will destroy the minds of all who hear it.

It’s really none of that, it’s just that you’re a legacy child, when your father came here before you, and hopped around from major to major, he never carried himself from one place to another, he left bits and pieces of himself in many different places.

You’ve only ever had the one major, so you can’t have that luxury.

So you simply stay quiet.

The last time you spoke was orientation, day one, hour one.

It was your name.

Marissa, the cruel one that she was, she took you true name, and she twisted it, and tarnished it and burnt it, and you knew you could never speak up to that name, publicly at least.

But you could commit one horrible act, so people would forget your name.

And what the fae did to Marissa was worth every thing you gave, every word and sound you’ve ever uttered.

You never liked Marissa.


Monsta X AU part 1

          you x minhyuk

          authors note: this was a dream i had and it was originally going to be a one shot but i got carried away. i kinda based the aesthetic on their music video All In. that’s the look i’m picturing in my brain anyways. 

          summary: you and Minhyuk were all each other had when your family had been killed in a war. you and him had to survive, while trying to keep your old family home from literally falling apart. not to mention, how much longer could you suppress your feeling for him?

          word count: 4095

part 2  part 3  part 4

“Minhyuk! This bread is stale!” you shouted from the gray kitchen, hoping your voice reached up into the rooms on the second floor. You began to cut up the bread into slices, even though it had become hard from being out on the counter for a few days. There was nothing else to eat.

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Enchanted Pantry Tip

Many food websites recommend putting bay leaves in your pantry (or in individual bags of flour, oats, rice, etc) to deter insects such as weevils.

But bay leaves are also used for protection spells, to break curses, to ward off negative energy, and to cleanse and purify spaces or objects.

So, if you want to help keep bugs away, while also adding some more magick to your kitchen witchery, keeping bay leaves in your pantry is a good way to do so! You can set them on the pantry floor, tape them to a cupboard ceiling, or the backs of pantry doors, or put a few leaves in each bag of grains, nuts, seeds, etc that you have.

Other ways to keep bugs away:

  • Clean your cabinets/pantry with vinegar or tea tree oil

  • Put some cotton balls with tea tree oil around where you keep food (but not directly in food)

  • Whenever you buy grains or nuts, keep them in the freezer for a few days (or permanently!) to kill bacteria and any insect eggs that may have made it into the package during processing

  • Keep all grains in airtight glass (or thick plastic) canisters
Mens Rugged Leather Vintage Inspired Satchel - Handcrafted Durable Bag - Handsewn Full-Grain Leather Briefcase - Leather Gift
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Vasquez x Reader: Whipped

I don’t own the picture, and I don’t own The Magnificent Seven.  Other than that, enjoy!




“I said no.”  You crossed your arms with a huff and glared at him. 

“But I want to fight.  I’m a great shot!”  Vasquez put down the pistol he was cleaning and glared at you. 

“I don’t care.  I am not letting you out there.  It’s too dangerous.”  You scoffed.

“You’re not letting me?”  He didn’t meet your gaze.  “Vas, I am not some child you can order around!  I’m capable of making my own decisions based on my capabilities!”

I don’t care!”  His sudden outburst shocked you into silence.  He took his hat off and ran a stressed hand through his hair with a loud sigh.  Then he stood up and walked towards you, gently placing his hands on your upper arms. “Look,” He began.  “It’s not that I don’t think you’re capable.  I think you’re better with a gun than most of the idiotas we’re going to face out there.  I just…” His grip on your arms tightened.  “I just want you to be safe.  You’re mi chica.  If anything happens to you…”  You nodded.

“I understand.”

“You do?”  You nodded.

“I get that you’re worried.  I do.  But I’m worried about you too, and I don’t want to just sit around and do nothing.”  He nodded too.

“I know.  But you have a job to do.”  He smiled cheekily.  “Someone has to protect las mujeres y los niños .”  You sighed.

“Okay.”  He smiled in relief.  “I just wished I could do more.” 

“Trust me.  You’re doing enough.”  He looked like he wanted to say more, but at that moment Chisolm grabbed him and hauled him out to discuss the plan.  You sat down on the crate Vasquez had been occupying and twiddled your thumbs.  That didn’t last long either.  Emma came in, grabbed you by the arm, and hauled you outside. 

“What are you doing?”  You asked.

“You good with a gun?”

“What?”  She stopped and turned to face you with a huff.

“Chisolm said you were good with a gun.  That true?”

“Oh.  Oh, yeah!”  You confirmed.  She nodded in satisfaction.

“Good, we can use you.”

“I’m supposed to watch the women and kids.”

“They’ll be fine; we built a hiding place.  Now come with me, I’ll fill you in.”  She pulled you into the saloon and up the stairs.

Which is how you found yourself in your current position.  Hunkered down behind a pile of grain bags as you hid from flying bullets.  You quickly sat up and took out one of Bogue’s men.  You ducked down to avoid more bullets, but one found its mark in your upper arm.  Blood poured out the wound and drenched your sleeve as you gasped in pain.  You went to pick up your rifle as you tried to ignore the pain.  Before you could take aim, you and Emma were hauled up by a man with a white beard as he pushed you inside the saloon, shielding you from half a dozen bullets in the process.  You and Emma collapsed against the wall as you heard footsteps enter the building.  You cautiously looked over the edge of the balcony but retreated as soon as you caught sight of Denali.  He looked up and saw you.  Emma picked up her pistol as you looked for your rifle, cursing under your breath when you realized it was still outside. Denali crept up this stairs, his eyes locked on you.  Emma fired her pistol, only for it to be empty.  She tried again and again, hoping there was one round left, but to no avail.  You wrapped an arm around Emma and she did the same, preparing to meet your fate.  I’m sorry, Vasquez.  You closed your eyes and prepared for the final blow. You heard scuffling and opened your eyes just as Red Harvest hissed something in Comanche to Denali and pushed him off the ledge.  You and Emma continued to hold each other as you sighed in relief.  Red Harvest helped the two of you up, and you descended the stairs.  A round of shots prevented you from leaving.  The Gatling gun had been fired again.  The three of you dropped to the ground and waited for it to pass.  When the firing ended, you all stood up.  You went to follow them, but Red Harvest stopped you.  He looked at your arm.

“You are hurt,” He said in broken English. “Stay here.”  You made to protest, but Emma cut in.

“He’s right.  You can barely move it,” She ripped a piece of her skirt off and tied it around your arm.  “Here.  This should stop the bleeding.  Now, go hide.  We’ll get you when it’s over.”  You nodded reluctantly, just as an explosion rattled the town.  Emma looked out the window, and she stiffened.  “On second thought,” She grabbed a rifle propped up next to the door.  “I’ll be right back.”  You watched her exit the saloon and enter the burnt church after Chisolm and a clearly terrified Bogue.  A lone gunshot broke the silence moments later.  You suddenly felt the strength leave you as you slumped to the floor.  Red Harvest grabbed your waist and hauled you upright.

“It’s over,” You breathed with a grin.  He nodded, and slowly helped you out of the saloon and into the streets.  You looked around.  Bodies littered the street, and barricades still burned. You recognized Jack’s prone form, and spotted Goodnight in the grass next to the Church.  Faraday and Billy were nowhere to be found.  Chisolm and Emma left the church, and you couldn’t find Vasquez.

Your heart dropped to your toes.  Oh God.  What if he…?

You were snapped out of it by the sound of someone screaming your name.  You pushed off from Red Harvest and turned around to see Vasquez sprinting up the street towards you.  He was uninjured for the most part, though one of his sleeves was drenched in blood. “Y/N!”  He grabbed you and kissed your face over and over.  “What are you doing here?!  I thought you were with the women and kids!  I went to find you, but you weren’t there.  I thought…I thought—I thought you were dead, chica! ¡Eres tan tonto!”    He pressed a rough kiss to your forehead.  He tightened his grip on you and you winced.  He noticed immediately and pulled back to investigate.  His eyes were immediately drawn to your bloody arm.  He blanched.  “¡¿Que pasó?!”  You followed his gaze to your arm.

“It’s nothing,” You reassured him.  “Just a graze.”  His face hardened and he glared at you.

“If you had just done as I asked this wouldn’t have happened.”

“I wanted to help!”

“You could’ve helped protect the others!”

I was!”

“It’s true,” Emma interjected.  “She saved a lot of innocent men today.” Vasquez whirled on her.

“You were a part of this?!” She stared him dead in the eye.  “I’ll get to you in a minute.” He growled.  “How could you let her do this?!”  Your temper flared.

“Enough!” You shouted and he turned back to you.  “No one ‘let’ me do this; this was my choice and mine alone!”  He opened his mouth to speak, but you cut him off.  “Let me finish!”   He closed it and listened quietly, albeit reluctantly.  “I know you didn’t want me to, but I didn’t want to sit around knowing you were risking your life and I wasn’t doing anything!  What if our positions were flipped?  I can bet the clothes on my back you would do the exact same.  I understand you’re upset I decided to fight, but I was mad at you too!  You didn’t trust me!  You know I’m capable of handling myself, but you treated me like a baby!  Well I’ve got news for you: if something like this happens again, I’m not sitting on the sidelines.  So you’ve got two options: let me help you, or just watch as I help you anyway.”  You crossed your arms and looked up at him.  He was staring at you, before a dopey grin slowly spread across his face.  Chisolm and Red Harvest were snickering off to the side.  Vasquez slowly pulled you closer and brushed his lips over yours.

“Yes ma’am.”  You smiled softly up at him and wrapped your arms around his neck as you pulled him closer, grateful you had both made it.

Thanks to minigranger for requesting this one!

bugdaboss  asked:

Ok so hi! Um…I'm a 14 year old Christian who wants to be a witch, but I don't know how I can get stuff for spells and I don't want my family to know…got any advice?

Hey there!! And welcome to the witchy family! I apologize this has taken so long, I just wanted to make sure I gave you plenty of info! I’m so happy to hear from fellow young christowitches. I’m a closet witch too, so my best advice to you is: EXCUSES AND CRAFTS.

You can make all your witchy things right at home!! But you’ll need some excuses because unfortunately “for my witchcraft” doesn’t always to ever go over well. XD

Heres a few things you might like to do that are easy,


You can create jar spell and call them “decorative”.  That also makes them fantastic for gifts to others as well!!


I bought loads of unpolished crystal arrangements on amazon for super cheap, and made my own witchy jewelry! You can wear them according to their magickal correspondence everyday! But everyone else won’t know it’s more than an interest!


Herbs!!! There is probably a good amount right in your kitchen! Picking up baking as a “hobby” makes its easier to get new herbs and essentials by saying they’re for a “new recipe”. Cooking/bake with intent is a wonderful every day crafting. You can even leave a little food on your plate as a spirit offering.


Tea has all kinds of magickal properties- drinking is beyond casual. You could also get tea leaves/grains (without the bags) and practice tasseomancy (tea leave/grain divination)

Stir things sunwise for positive energy. (Stir opposite for enemies :P )


This was one of my main problems I faced. How the heck do i cast a circle in a carpeted house?! Answer: Crocheting!!! Crochet a long line of whatever color you choose (remember  color correspondence!) And boil it in water infused with salt (and any herbs you’d like)


You can literally do this at anytime. Stay grounded, stay in the moment, take a little to check in with yourself and the energies around you. If you actually have time to set aside for meditation, fantastic! Its a very healthy thing for your body and mind, which I think is a plenty good excuse.


Who doesn’t love good smells?? You can buy essential oils and incenses with the excuse being because they’re more natural than those plug-ins.


My grimiore is a spiral notebook. It looks like a regular notebook, I carry it around with me everywhere. When someone asks, i say it’s because i like to write and draw. Which is completely true! You don’t have to have a rune-inscribed, leather bound, aged book for your magick to be real!! Its no less powerful than any other book. Its yours!


This is the era of tech witches!! Witches use whats at their disposal. There are loads of apps, daily horoscopes, tarot, rune divination, moon phases, oils, candle, digital altars & grimiores , calendars,.. just about everything!!


I constantly make sigils for anything and everything. They look like beautiful designs. You can draw them on you; if you wear makeup you can draw them on with that and then rub it right into your skin. You can draw them with chalk outside, you can draw them in the corner of your test, they work literally everywhere for everything!! If you want them to be secret, lemon juice is a fantastic invisible ink as is white chalk on white walls, dew on Windows, steam on mirrors after a shower ect.


I have a vase in my room, and when I see an herb or flower I’d like to use for crafting I pick it and put it there. It just seems I like flowers, but the flower will die and dry up. You can also put them between the pages of big books to press them! Then there you have it!!


You can make your own!! I say it’s a craft/hobby, you can infuse it with oils and herbs and flowers ect and carve things into them!! These are amazing personalized helpful gifts as well.

You can also get tea lights or birthday candles because they’re smaller, come in colors, and theres also battery powered versions.


A casual compact mirror you can take with you anywhere is easiest to use. you can use a dry erase marker to write on it so it wipes off clean and quick!!


Find a cool rock, KEEP IT. You can paint sigils on it, use it in spells, charge them with specific intent, make a pendulum, ect.


Charge and sigil everything!! Mirrors, hair brush, makeup, lotion, perfume/colognes, soaps, toothbrush, toothpaste, ..literally anything works!!


Buy a green wallet for wealth. Wear a blue shirt for your job interview. Buy a yellow school binder for success. Wear something pink to family gatherings for positive family relations, ect.


Research research research! Learn all you can. If a recipe calls for an herb you’ve never heard of, look it up. If you find a rock or crystal, try and identify it. Explore your craft and it’s history, and find friends on the way!!


Make everything your own!! This is your craft, do it your way! There is no such thing as wrong. We all have magick, embrace yours !

I hope this helps some, happy crafting!! ☽○☾ - K

dicecast  asked:

Hey Random shoes, why is the invention of 0 in the Muslim Golden Age and Mayan Empire (and to a lesser extent Indian mathmatical Golden Age) such a big deal

OMG zero is amazing and important guys you don’t even know.

It’s one of those things a lot of people don’t even realize had to be invented–they think, oh, it’s obvious, but it’s not as obvious as all that. Early mathematical and counting systems didn’t have zero–after all, I don’t need to count how many bags of grain I have if I have none. The idea that we need to have a symbol for nothing in order to aid in counting somethings is actually pretty counterintuitive.

You can do very basic arithmetic without zero (although it’s harder–try multiplying with Roman Numerals), but to do anything beyond that you need place values. 

Place values are essentially the idea that a digit has a different meaning depending on where it is in the number. So the 2 in 208 means something different than the 2 in 28 (200 and 20, respectively). This may seem obvious, but it isn’t true in a system like Roman Numerals. V always means 5, no matter where it is in the number. 

In base ten our place values are multiples of ten (hence the name). From right to left, 10^0, 10^1, 10^2, 10^3, etc (or going left to right from the decimal point, 10^(-1), 10^(-2), 10^(-3), etc.). We then use our ten different digits to indicate how many 1s we have, how many 10s, how many 1,000s etc. This makes it possible to have a finite number of symbols and still be able to indicate any number possible. We can the line everything up all nice and neat and add or subtract.

But to do that we need to have a symbol that means “I have no 10s (or 1s, or 10,000s), move on” and thus we arrive at zero.

This system is elegant, compact, and allows all of modern math to exist. All of it. 

Zooming out a bit, the existence of zero enables us to make precise calculations about more abstract ideas, and also leads us to ask a lot of interesting questions, which leads to more and more useful systems.

For example, someone asks: “What happens if I subtract 1 from 0?” And so we invent negative numbers. That allows us to mathematically represent owing someone something, and then we ask how negative numbers interact with positive ones, and we get debits and credits and the math of balancing your checkbook. You’re welcome, accountants.

You also can’t have computers without zero and place values, because the entire concept of electronic computing is based on the fact that it is possible to represent base two with two states: on and off. One and zero. Thus the entire basis of computer language.

There’s more, but you get the picture. The modern world exists because zero exists. Also I can now make “the universe divided by zero” jokes when things go wrong, which will never not be funny.

tasiturney  asked:

A man needs to cross a river in a canoe. With him, he has a bag of grain, a chicken, and a fox. He can only carry one of the three at a time. If he leaves the grain and the chicken, the chicken will eat the grain. If he takes the grain, the fox will eat the chicken. How does he successfully cross the river with his load?

u got a white bitch in ur icon so im already assuming your far right


Whalp, I said I was gonna do a big compilation post and here it is! I’m so so glad I turned these followers over to you guys because I would never have come up with such varied and interesting characters on my own! 

Here is Raz, his cohort Sirias, and the eight followers I have (Tanner soon to come.) 

Satraza “Raz” Raneid- A charismatic and clever ifrit from the north who acts as a bodyguard (and sometimes lover) to his expedition leader, Raz is a  passionate and honorable man. Though his pragmaticsm sometimes overrules what seems ‘good’ at the time, he has a strong protective streak and will generally act on the good of the whole vs the few.

Sirias- Snarky, impulsive, and quick-witted, this former pirate is Raz’s opposite in many ways. However, rather than constantly being at odds, he compliments the other ifrit’s tendency to overthink and overstrategize by simply doing.  He is extremely skilled for reading cities and socially navigating the slums.

Brief follower write-ups below the cut! :D

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double date

luke: is everyone having a nice lunch

cassian: mmm yes this meal is quite exquisite 

bodhi: do you know whats even more exquisite

han: i swear to fucking g

bodhi: a maison margiela F/W ‘16 velvet turtleneck jumpsuit with matching custom leather boots, belt and single glove by louis vuitton

luke furiously shoving food into his mercer satchel 24 in grain leather coach bag while out his speeder keys and a 5000 dollar gift card he got from leia on his birthday: waiter ? check please,

Roasted Chickpeas & Grains

2-4 spoons, depending

This is a staple food in my apartment, where we’re all extremely busy and don’t have a lot of time/energy to cook (and in my case, have an executive dysfunction disorder, depression, and ED) but we always seem to be able to throw this together. It’s super cheap, tastes great, and makes a complete protein to keep you feeling full and energized! 


1 can of whole chickpeas, drained

2 cups of quinoa or another grain / rice (complete protein! we buy the canadian/fair trade kind), a rice and grains mix, brown rice, or just plain white rice (note: I’ve found boil-in-the-bag grain mixes at the grocery store before and I’ll often just use these!) 

2 cloves of garlic - you can use less but we use a LOT. buy a big jar of minced garlic in water if you love garlic but hate cutting it up! 

1 onion, chopped - optional but very tasty

olive oil - enough to coat the chickpeas

red pepper flakes - to taste

salt or seasoned salt - to taste (I use a pinch of kosher salt or a few shakes of seasoned salt)

onion powder- if you don’t want to use whole onion

paprika - to taste


Preheat your oven to 450. Start a pot of water for the grains, or fire up your rice maker if you have one and begin to make your rice/grain/quinoa/whatever. If you’re using boil-in-the-bag rice or grain mix, check the time on it–if it’s a speedy one, save this step for later so your grains aren’t cold by the time you’re done.

Drain the can of chickpeas until the liquid is gone, then pour the chickpeas into a glass casserole dish. Chop your garlic and onions and toss them in too. Coat them in olive oil–don’t drown them, just make sure they’re all nicely coated–and generously shake on your spices until things look tasty. Give it a quick stir, then spread the chickpeas into an even layer in the dish. Put them in the oven for 40 minutes or until they’re golden brown and a little crunchy on the outside. Sit down with a book or watch an episode of a nice tv show or just relax for that 40 minutes, you earned it. 

If you’re using boil-in-the-bag grains, start them close to when your chickpeas will be done so everything will be warm. When everything’s done, mix it all together and enjoy! Plus if you’re eating alone, you’ll have leftovers! It keeps very well in the fridge and reheats easily in the microwave. 

Bonus: If you leave the chickpeas in the oven a little longer and forget the rice, they’ll get completely crunchy and you can just eat them as a snack 

A picture is worth a thousand words

I had a customer came in and ask for the “best” catfood we carry. After carefully explaining to her the pros and cons of my 3 favorite brands she picks a bag that has a persian cat in the front, it wasn’t one of the 3 choices I showed her. It was actually one of the worst brands we have, I explained why that one isn’t one I would pick but she still wanted it because “her cats a persian and the bag has a persian on it so it must be good for persians”
OK, fine. Have your $30 for a 6 lb bag food that’s crappy instead of a $12 6lb bag grain free made it USA good food.

Five tricky conundrums

1. You are a farmer who has to cross a railway track with a fox, a chicken and a bag of grain. You can only carry one at once over the bridge because you have worn out your arms doing semaphore at the passing aircraft of your long-lost love as he departs forever to the Southern hemisphere. In what order should you take the fox, the chicken and the grain over so that none of them eats the other, and why are you carrying around a fox in the first place?
2. You are another farmer who is in solitary for doing a murder. Sometimes, the warder will take you to another room where there is a light bulb which is either on or off. If you correctly assert that everyone else in solitary has visited the room, the warder will set you and all the other prisoners free onto the nearby railway tracks where you can finally slake your ever-growing taste for blood. You met with the other prisoners at the start of the exercise and decided your strategy. If your propensity to murder grows by one crow per day, will you escape before you kill the warder, or abscond in a dramatic prison break afterwards? Assume the warder picks between you and a hundred other prisoners in solitary at random.
3. You are one of a hundred drivers on a trolley, who may or may not have recently escaped from solitary confinement and stolen the trolley. After so long in confinement without mirrors, all of you have forgotten what colour your own eyes are and also how to speak. You have decided to get off the trolley if you find out what colour your eyes are. Why on earth did you do that?
4. A driverless trolley is speeding down the rails. In its path is a farmer tied to the track. You are a fox. You can pull a lever to redirect the trolley to another track, on which there is another farmer who is also tied to the rails. You know that one farmer always tells the truth, whilst the other one always lies, but not which is which, because you are a fox and to you all people look the same. You have time to shout one question before the trolley reaches the junction. Assume both farmers have mysterious pasts with foxes and probably understand fox language.
5. You are a private detective who has a giant block of ice. You are desperate for it to be the solution to a riddle. You come across the body of a farmer who has been run over by a runaway trolley. The police have not yet been called. How can you set the scene up so that they conclude the ice was implicated in the farmer’s death?

I am very proud of my grocery shopping skills :) This is pretty much the type of stuff I buy all the time, so take a look if you’re just getting started and need some ideas! The total cost was about $60 and this should last me through the month and into May!

Aldi: Unsweetened vanilla almond milk, chipotle chicken sausage, goat cheese, spinach, grapefruit, garlic hummus, salsa, pretzels, peppers, chicken breast, eggs, frozen mixed veggies, frozen asparagus, frozen Brussels sprouts, frozen mixed berries

Trader Joe’s: Whole wheat bagels, avocados, pear champagne dressing, and a steam-in-bag whole grain mix