Our fourth July Gremma Appreciation Event is incoming!

July 22nd- August 5th!!

In order to have everything ready, submissions are accepted now, to as late as the evening of the last day. We encourage early submission so the event can begin with a bang!

We accept the following:

  • Art: manips, picspams, gifsets, drawings, et al.
  • Fic: one-shots, drabbles, multichapters, canon, AU, character studies, et al
  • Vid: AUs, canon, sad, happy, everything in between
  • Meta/Headcanons: all things Graham Humbert, Emma Swan, Gremma, and the nonromantic relationships outside them (Charming Family, Swan Believer, Hunted Believer, friendships, etc)
  • Recs: Recommendations for vids and fics not created by you, but with a description, links, blurb about why you love it (no reposts)
  • Misc: Fanmixes, etc. Anything else you can think of to celebrate Emma, Graham, or Gremma, or their nonromantic relationships

Check the FAQ for more information (or ask away), watch for the twice daily “#inspiration” queue to inspire your gremma feels!

Later today, theme days will be announced.

See blog for more details

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