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Tag game: choose some (or all) of your characters and write down what their current backstory or situation is. then write down what their life would be like if their life was better or opposite. you can do multiple scenarios too. then tag five (or more) other ppl!

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Talk about my chars? Um.. um… under cut because it’s long, boring and mostly about Joey. Some Gray but mostly Joey since Joey’s the most active.

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Sorry about disappearing this week. I had caught the flu.

This is part of the last comic for this month’s GTRO event. Truthfully it was half done on Tuesday, but the flu I had caught last Friday only got worse. By Wednesday, I was too sick to do anything, let alone the comic. At least today I’m feeling slightly better since I have enough energy to type this message, so I will attempt to finish the comic. Once it’s done, I’ll probably go back to bed and stuff.

Sana Banana (and her lines) belong to Abeat.