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I have been neglecting tumblr but now I am back. 

I have been back to this location last week.  This image is of an old wagon half burred in the pond below the abandoned farm house.  I shot a few stills and one time lapse of the sun set.  It was a warm day around -1.

I will try to return tomorrow.  I really need to talk to the owners of the land to see if I can find out some of the history of the house and the objects around the house.

I have also been researching Communist monuments in Eastern Europe.  I would really like to do a photo shoot of these different monuments that have been neglected now that the Iron Curtain has fallen.  I see a similarity to Canada’s abandoned farm houses and barns. Both are iconic and discarded at the same time.


“Canmore is a beautiful mountain town nestled in the Canadian Rockies. I was looking forward to shooting some time lapse of the mountains on my day off. The day was over cast and no mountains could be seen. I was disappointed. At about 4PM I decided to take my dog for a walk (or he decided) and brought my camera. I keep telling people its a lot of fun finding the beauty in the mundane. I thought I would put my imagination and camera to the test.”

Video by Graham Twomey

Hello and welcome to the new Banff Photography Blog.  This will be THE place for people to share photos, ideas, tips, tricks, videos and anything photographic! 

Banff Photography is located in Banff Alberta Canada.  Serving as the visitor hub for Banff National Park we are nestled in the Canadian Rockies about a 1 hour drive West from Calgary.  

Posting to this blog will be myself, Graham Twomey (Director of Photography). Joining me will be Steven Wong (Director of Photo Specialty), Lee Kissel (Manager of our Lake Louise Photo Store), Aaron Wannamaker (Supervisor of Photo Specialty) and Veronica Snair (Supervisor Production Services).  Banff Photography also has incredibly talented  staff that will be posting as well.  I look forward to seeing everyone contributions!

Director Of Photography Graham Twomey’s Photo/Video of the day

This summer Banff Photography did a commercial shoot both video and still photography for Scenic Tours.  Kristina Mogensen and Adam Locke joined me for a very successful shoot in Kamloops British Columbia. 

On our way back to Banff we stopped just west of Golden to explore and shoot one of my favorite locations.  This location is an old train yard/lumber mill along the Trans Canada highway.  It seems abandoned though there is always a radio playing in the huge empty warehouse.

This is VW van has been there for a long time!  Always an interesting subject.  Canon 5D Mark II Canon TSE 45mm.