graham owen


“M. Butterfly” by David Henry Hwang

Cort Theatre, 2017

Starring Clive Owen, Jin Ha, Clea Alsip, Murray Bartlett, Michael Countryman, Celeste Den, Jess Fry, Enid Graham, Thomas Michael Hammond, Cole Horibe, Jason Ignacio, Kristen Faith Oei, Erica Sweany, John Leonard Thompson & Erica Wong

Routes I’ve Played

To Love & Protect:
Felix- Boring, boring, boring. (I have so many routes ahead of his season 2, so many)
Egar- I hate played this until about episode 9 when it got way better. I actually liked the end and will play Book 2 (eventually)

Gangsters In Love:
Chance- Hate played. Still, need to finish Season 5. This is such an unhealthy relationship. 
Ash- Just started this one

Astoria: Fate’s Kiss
Hydra-  Finished. I liked it ok. He’s a bit of a jerk. I don’t like “mean, but secretly loves you” stories though. Not my favorite.
Hades- Finished. I enjoyed this route but more for everyone else. I want to adopt Persephone, Selene, Helios and the Guardians. It’s a little creepy playing this route and Cerberus’s back to back though lol
Astraeus- Finished. SO friggin hot. Sad and dark, but ridiculously hot. 
Cerberus- On season 3. He is the cutest thing ever. See my above point about his route and Hades’ though.

Castaway: Love’s Adventure
Clyde- Finished. MC drove me crazy, especially in season 1. Story was fine. 
Logan- Finished. I love him. He is just so sweet and cute.
TK- Finished. Like with Hydra, I found him a jerk and his route a little frustrating. Not a big fan.
Joaquin- Finished. Hot, hot, hot. Though MC shows some seriously poor judgment lol. 

Speakeasy Tonight
Elliott- (waiting for epilogue). Meh. His story took a long time to pick up and was pretty boring and while he gets better by the end, he’s a pretty uninspired LI.
Donovan- Finished. I liked the storyline. Hate Donovan. He’s a jerk. He’s hot, yes, but… We also know nothing about him or his past. He’s so undeveloped in compared to the others and at times he barely appeared in his own route. Plus Vince over-shadowed him.
Gerald- Finished. Again, I loved the story line, hated him. I don’t think I could have forgiven him and I basically think he’s a self-centered ass. 
Cliff- Finished. I disliked MC at times, this and Elliott’s route were when she was at her weakest. Cliff is sweet but doesn’t do much for me. 
Neil- Finished. I loved him. He has depth, the relationship has natural build-up, the side story is strong. 
Vince- Finished. My one true love. I doubt I will ever love a LI more. He is perfection. Ok, he gets shot at a lot, which is a problem and he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but… He’s so sweet and charming and supportive that it doesn’t matter. 

Love & Legends
Reiner- Finished. Love him. He is so kind. It’s so easy to follow in love with him.


Favourite Final Lair kiss photos: 

  1. Norm Lewis and Sierra Boggess, 
  2. Mathias Edenborn and Daniela Braun, 
  3. Brad Little and Claire Lyon, 
  4. Earl Carpenter and Leila Benn Harris, 
  5. Richard Halton and Celia Graham, 
  6. Earl Carpenter and Rachel Barrell, 
  7. John Owen-Jones and Rachel Barrell, 
  8. Michael Crawford and Rebecca Caine, 
  9. Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess. 

So it was New Year about 4 years ago. I had lots of friends over. We were drinking and throughout the evening, the doorbell kept ringing. And everytime I went to the intercom, there was no one there. And eventually, this happened over and over again. So I ran upstairs my front door, opened the front door, couldn’t see anyone there. Apart from a man walking down the street. So I yelled out at him, “Why are you ringing on the door bell? Stop bloody ringing on the doorbell, it’s bloody annoying.” And the man, really really confused, and turned to me and walked a bit closer and said, “Oh hello, lovely to meet you, my name’s Mark. I am your new neighbour.” And it was Mark from Take That.


Random Places in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital [4/?] ► On-Call Rooms
“On-call rooms–Attendings hog them. Sleep when you can where you can, which brings me to rule number three. If I’m sleeping, don’t wake me unless your patient is actually dying.”

Alright, I must give a disclaimer that I don’t watch bootlegs, but I’ve done some searching around and found a few for you!

1. Hugh Panaro and Lisa Vroman

2. Ramin Karimloo and Gina Beck

3. Marcus Lovett and Anna O'Byrne 

4. Colm Wilkinson and Patti Cohenour

5. Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford

6. Geronomo Rauch and Harriet Jones

7. Norm Lewis and Sierra Boggess

8. Peter Karrie and Elizabeth de Grazia

9. John Owen-Jones and Celia Graham

10. John Owen Jones and Rachel Barrell