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I’m like six years late to the fandom but here’s some terrible Valentines from everyone’s favorite Roman LARPers

send them to the profligates you least wish to kill

Friend: I just finished watching a show, what should I watch next?

Me: Hannibal

Friend: I want a crime show 

Me: Hannibal

Friend: I also want romance

Me: Hannibal

Friend: Hot guys would be a plus

Me: Hannibal

Friend: I don’t know I kinda-

Me: *Rips off clothes to reveal murder suit* HANNIBAL!!!!!!!!!!! *cries in corner*

Yeah, yeah…so I used my previous giveaway header. I know you’ll forgive me when I offer free stuff. 

I’ve been a little absent on tumblr as of late as I’ve been feeling stagnant on the GIF making/manip but I want to make up for that with this giveaway, as I’ve reached a milestone. 

Follow the rules below to win the bounty which includes:

1. The Will Graham Fan 2017 Calendar from the talented folks at @willgrahamcalendar2k17

2. Three Mads Mikkelsen Movies - The Hunt, I Am Dina and Casino Royale

3. Will Graham Funko

4. Lovely art prints I acquired at RDC2 (these were extras I ended up with)


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3. You MUST BE 18+

One winner will be chosen at random and must be comfortable giving me your address for shipping. Will ship outside the US. 

|| religion of six || my half of the art-trade with @saraparilla

Her Courier, Six, and this a’hole, cause I am tormented by their impossible chemistry.  

“It was the first thing my dad taught me, you know..”

Hannibal watched him as Will approached his space, sat between his legs and basically made him his bed, just because he can. Will could feel the smile radiating off Hannibal’s face.

“..that here in the sea, the stars are your comrades.”

He lazily points a finger upward, following a train of stars.

“These two are your friends.” Will says as  he pauses and shifts to a constellation opposite. “Spring up, fall down.”

He points to one star, directly above him. “And that’s your best friend.”

“Polaris.” Hannibal supplies. “The star that would always take you home.”

Will smiled to himself. “I used to call bullshit on it. One star couldn’t just be able to miraculously substitute directions.” Hannibal felt his body getting heavier, along with an audible sigh. Will closes his eyes.

"But maybe… I take it back.”

Silence hung in the air. Will hadn’t felt this comfortable in years.

Hanniversary request for @imlostinthedream who wanted Will and Hannibal cuddling under the night sky. I’m sorry I used a stock photo for the stars (I collect too many of them ||orz||), but this one was so PRETTY.


I know it’s a stupid question considering that none of us could possibly be okay doing what we do.

Favorite character interactions, Beverly Katz and Will Graham, Coquilles (S1E05)

Do you have a crush on Max Caulfield?

Because these characters do~

Chloe Price.

I am not even going to elaborate. It is very obvious.


Warren Graham.

Even more obvious. Like you l i t e r a l l y cannot miss it.


Kate Marsh.

Has even broke out the “I love you”!


Victoria Chase.

“Max is such hipster trash, thinks she so cool with that dumb camera, selfie-ho of Blackwell noticemenoticemeomgmaxnotice me!!”


Dana Ward.

“Max come to this party with me and my bf, bring Warren! Max I can dress you for the party you will be attending! Max you are such a hero! Max dance with me at this party! Maaaaax pay attention to me!”


Alyssa Anderson.

“You are my like, guardian angel Max.”


Mr. Jefferson.

WELL FU- ….Max.. RUN!!1!

Creepy teachers aside, who will be next on the list of “Max, NOTICE ME!”

My best guess?

Nathan Prescott!




hey shut up it could happen.


But as you can see, lots of people really admire Max because she probably one of the cutest things ever.

I have a crush on Max too.