graham humbert


#do you ever just feel really sorry for graham? #because i do every day #and the worst part is that this has never ever been acknoledged by anyone #or mentioned in the show #it’s like it never happend #but it did #and it was the worst #it’s been 5 seasons and i’m still not over it #never over it

‘The first thing she saw were men’s dress shoes, the toes pointed up to the air. She walked closer, moving the flashlight up the body; when she got to the torso, her gorge rose and she had to swallow, breathing sharply through her nose. ‘


so I joined @captainswanbigbang CSBB this year and was matched with @unfolded73 for her fic This Graceful Path which is an AU s1 fic with romance and murder and all that good stuff. :> you can also read it on Ao3 ! with this fic i did put in the obligatory cs cute times pic, but the other two drawings are NOT (clearly, as you can see above) and i don’t really get to draw just other stuff  usually, so that was nice~ i hope you guys will like the drawings as much as you like the purely cs stuff!