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Murder families’ crossover - Hannibal x Interview with the vampire : Omelette du au fromage

Lestat de Lioncourt, Professeur de Français depuis 1760 (French teacher since 1760).

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Any day Sean Prescott demanded his son come home and they have ‘a talk’ was a bad day. However, this time, Nathan knew that he had fucked up for good – that he and Warren had not been careful enough. The way his father had forcefully tugged at his son’s reddish-brown hair while calling him a disgrace and a fag was a good indication for that. Eventually, the head of the Prescott family had dismissed Nathan, but not without a polite final warning. The nineteen-year old had left with a massive headache and a feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach.

That was almost two weeks ago and he had not seen Warren since. Of course, they ran into each other during their days, but they had not talked or anything. It was like the time before they had really gotten to know one another, when acknowledging the other’s existence was the highlight of their daily interaction. However, now Warren did not even look at Nathan anymore and he was scared shitless that this was it now. That Sean Prescott had scared away his boyfriend for good.

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