graham french

french kiss

❝Bonnie, you know, there might be a chance that I love you. And you`d feel the same some time❞

                                            ❝Under the Paris skies?❞

            ❝Under the Paris skies…❞


This is the conclusion of this story but not the AU. Please be on the look out for another mystery.

Killian Jones is ex-special forces Navy and a fire fighter in a company in the city. One night after a particularly bad day he meets a bail bonds person named Emma Swan who awakens something in his heart that he hasn’t felt possibly ever. The unlikely pair just might be the kindling that ignites the flames within each other’s heart that had been dulled for years.

This mystery/romance begins with a chance meeting and that’s where the fun begins. They find an instant attraction that won’t keep them apart. They work as a team to find the arsonist that seems hellbent on burning the town to the ground. Of course catching them won’t be easy.

Also includes: David Nolan, Will Scarlet, Robin Hood, Jefferson, Mary Margaret Nolan, Graham Humbert, Belle French, Anna Arendelle, Elsa Arendelle

Rated M / Smuff, language, and dangerous situations


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