graham cooling

The Signs As Band Members
  • Aries: Alex James
  • Taurus: Stuart Pot "2d"
  • Gemini: Brandon Flowers
  • Cancer: Graham Coxon
  • Leo: Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Virgo: Murdoc Niccals
  • Libra: Liam Gallagher
  • Scorpio: Tre Cool
  • Sagittarius: Richard Ashcroft
  • Capricorn: Damon Albarn
  • Aquarius: Noel Gallagher
  • Pisces: Jarvis Cocker

Will Graham’s Becoming/ Firefly Radiance aesthetic

For @radiance-anthology and the current Radiance Anthology Kickstarter campaign. The campaign runs till July 15th 2017. The fund goal had been achieved within 25 hours, but there are several further stretch goals to unlock!

Signs As Bands
  • Aries: Modest Mouse
  • Taurus: Green Day
  • Gemini: Offspring
  • Cancer: Blur
  • Leo: Eagle-Eye Cherry
  • Virgo: Oasis
  • Libra: Nine Inch Nails
  • Scorpio: The Gorillaz
  • Sagittarius: No Doubt
  • Capricorn: The Verve
  • Aquarius: Blink-182
  • Pisces: Pulp