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Second Layer - “Save Our Souls”

“Underneath the gloss, there is disturbance…
Underneath the gloss, something squirming…”

(from “Underneath the Gloss” on World of Rubber)

Second Layer is the side project of two members of The Sound, one of my favorite post-punk bands. In 1981, vocalist/guitarist Adrian Borland and bassist Graham Bailey created several songs ripe with gritty, industrial noise that still retain the cold, dark undertone of The Sound but are more experimental and scary in nature. A soundtrack of urban decay. Bailey’s basslines hum along (post-punk’s finest?) providing an anchor to Borland’s haunting voice.

The music is reminiscent of the creepy, pulsating rhythm of Suicide. It’s easy to get hypnotized and lost inside. The experimental leanings of Second Layer perhaps foreshadow the direction The Sound’s music would eventually take by the time they released All Fall Down in 1982.

Second Layer should please fans of the darker side of new wave, industrial music, electronic music, and post-punk. Much in the way The Sound’s material has been reissued, hopefully we’ll get to see a reissue of all of Second Layer’s output.

Recordings include the full-length World of Rubber, Flesh as Property (EP), and the State of Emergency single.

Songs: “State of Emergency” ; “Black Flowers” ; “Court or Wars” ; “Zero” ; “Fixation” ; “Germany


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