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List of Lesbians who got a happy ending

These are all the ones I could think of:

•Britney and Santana (Glee)

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•Bo and Lauren (Lost Girl)

•Rachel and Luce (Imagine me and you)

•Megan and Graham (but I’m a Cheerleader)

•Therese and Carol (Carol)

When people ask us why we make a “big deal” out of our lack of representation, this is why. Out of the already very few lesbian and bisexual characters we get, only a very small amount get a happy ending. Most of us get killed, or sent to jail, or one leaves the other for a guy. We just want a happy ending where the girl gets the girl and nobody gets hurt.


You know, when your dad left I felt things spinning out of control. And then I met Wade and I thought he was gonna help us put our lives back together. But what that man did to you. And to you. When they took you away, things didn’t get better. They got worse. And I just couldn’t bring you back into that. But I was your mother and I should’ve protected you.

Heartland- Ty Borden & Lily Borden


When I was a bit younger than Badger my mom married this new guy. And he was…let’s just say that he made my real dad look like a saint. And I promised myself that when I got older I’d pay him back for everything. And I did. Probably would’ve killed him if the neighbors hadn’t called the cops. And then that’s when I met Clint. Everybody at the group home used to say you don’t meet Clint unless they really think you’re hopeless. Well, they were wrong, weren’t they? I’m not so sure about that. I don’t regret what I did, Amy. I’d do it again if I had to.

Heartland- Ty Borden & Wade Dalton