graflex super d


cinestill mades some 4x5.

CineStillFilm’s last crowdsourcing campaign surpassed their original goal of putting their fantastic medium format 1200 800t film into production, and now 4x5 is in the works. They gave me 4 sheet of beta to shoot, which I did with my “Aeroliberator” modified Graflex Super D. 



Grandma Sarah Goldberg is one hundred years old. The relative lightness of her visage in these pictures belies some of what has been a really rough and depressing year for her.  She’s feisty as fuck and we still argue. She let her hair go grey, it’s been some kind of red variety since she was naturally red. I think she looks much lovelier. Remarkably so. She’s still vain,  removed her glasses for the close up. She’s not a fan of this life now more or less relegated to a chair, an oxygen tank, and the occasional Sinatra/Kelly picture on TMC  (seen watching here). Only a couple of years ago she was still dragging us around to restaurants, barking directions at me all along the drive.