so what ever happened, to the young man’s heart?
          swallowed by pain
          as he slowly fell a p
                                          a r


I played a Serb on 24 for several episodes and the producers of the show came in to talk to me, like 5 episodes in. Denzel Washington had just won an Oscar and they said, ‘isn’t it great that minorities are finally getting recognition at the Oscars? It’s great for people like you and for Denzel Washington.’ I said, ‘I’m sorry but I don’t think I qualify. I’m a white guy from Massachusetts.’

I took two days off to go kayaking in Provincial Park — a chain of 300 uninhabited islands, infested with bald eagles and a big grey whale breaching right next to my kayak. It was scary and amazing. I love the outdoors and adventure in general, which is another neat thing about working in Vancouver, you can do all these neat things in the ferny, mossy woods. It’s good to get a change.