Otl Aicher, Poster & Flyer for Volkshochschule, adult evening classes, 1953-56. Ulm, Germany.Via Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Together with his wife Inge, the sister of Sophie and Hans Scholl, Otl Aicher founded the school (for democratic education) in 1946. He designed a square format for the courses and a long size for the special Thursday talks Donnerstagsvortrag. 


Gebrauchsgraphik, published 1924 - 44. Germany. See more covers: designers-books.

The monthly publication was one of the first-generation graphic design magazines in Europe. Following the poster movement and typographic reforms associated with German Jugendstil, it developed them in new directions. Soon the magazine was in german and english. 1950 the title was revitalised under the same name and later relaunched as Novum.