graficos mios


I almost feel sorry for him, as he tenses up whenever anyone approaches, ready to dive in front of a bullet for me. It will never make up for what he and his people did to me in the war, how they shamed me in front of my own men, but even after all these years, it still makes me smile to see Captain America’s partner serving Mother Russia.-From the personal Journal of Major General Vasily Karpov September 1983 (Captain America V.5 #11)


It was our own experiments in Mental Implantation during Sensory Deprivation that provided the breakthrough. And because of the American’s memory loss, it was quite simple. We were able to reprogram the American’s mind. We gave him a purpose, and we made him loyal to no one but us. Once that was accomplished, we had simply to train and prepare him for a field evaluation. Hopes are high that he will be a successful operative. i believe, because he walks and talks just like them, because he exudes “America” with his every breath, that the enemy will never see him coming.-CAPTAIN AMERICA V5. #11


 In general, the deer was viewed as a symbol of unconditional love and kindness. It is associated with healing wounds and mending broken relationships. The Sioux interpreted the deer to have both the masculine quality of swiftness and the feminine quality of power over males. They also viewed the deer as representing ambivalent attitudes.

Despite the occasional dark interpretation, a deer tattoo design will almost always convey a message of purity and power.

Black heart tattoos are recognized to represent a very sad day in someone’s life such as the loss of a relative or friend, end of a relationship or a memorial after a tragic event.


because the swallow is a bird that chooses a mate for life and will only nest with that mate, tattoos featuring two swallows are often meant to represent true love or soul mates. Some people get swallow tattoos as a symbol of fidelity and loyalty, either to family, a very close friend, or a loved one. In fact, Egyptian love poetry declares the meaning of a swallow bird tattoo to be the dawn of a new love.  a swallow represents how many nautical miles a sailor had traveled, some sailors would also get a swallow tattoo after completing certain goals. These achievements included sailing all seven seas, crossing the equator from either direction, and sailing around the Horns, which includes the bottom of Africa and the bottom of South America.