Gouge studio session by SHWDWN
Shwdwn Productions joined me in the studio one day to capture my portrait work in action. I create large portraits from people that I meet or find interesting. Made in acrylic, spray and ink. Fast and with a passionate approach.
Thanks a lot for the way you made it come to life. Check out more videos:

'Panagia ton Patission' - 'Notre Dame de Patissia"


Part of the production wall with Fors and Kai circa 2007 in Kerameikos area in Athens/Greece.

Patissia is a multiply disadvantaged neighbourhood at the center of the conurbation of Athens. Although this girl was painted in Kerameikos, an equally downgraded area, this name sprang into my mind, since the wordplay seemed quite fitting with her innocent look and her tight, protective embrace of the giant rat…


                                    in action


           the entire wall (pic by Server Pics)