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last fic you read? (would you rec it to us?)

the goon squad’ by kingkiwi :) i’ve… recced it before on this blog actually xD amazing fic tbh, graffitti artists and a café and cute ot7 dynamics where everyone wants to protect jimin, seokjin’s neighbours are amazing, and jungkook is jimin’s Petty Criminal Bf lmfao :’)

i was re-reading their ‘writers’ series bc i was missing it so much ahaha :’)


Digital Dimensionsby

Elroy Klee, graphic designer and brand communicator from Netherlands. Working together with brazilian, mexican and english artists he reaches a great field of art. While having his roots in graffitti and mural drawing, he is fully into 3 dimensional ideas of typography. Enjoy them!

The Flower and the Dragon | Yuma | Chapter 4 | Closed for Chiyo

 It seemed like an eternity before the gates from the mirror maze finally opened, but they indeed did open before the students. Some may be surprised to find Yuma striding out alone, with no apparent injuries on her, then again knowing the naginata-ka’s boastings of strength, maybe she wasn’t just talk. She eyed the students nervously before she finally locked eyes with Chiyo in the arms of the fox-faced graffitti artist before they laid her down.


Despite the ache in her bones, Yuma ran to Chiyo as fast as she could manage and dropped to her side. All she wanted to do was scoop her up, but knew that with her fragile state she couldn’t risk it, so instead she took her face and kissed her with everything she had in her before burying her face in her neck. It wasn’t like Yuma, so surely Chiyo must have imagined it, but it felt like there was something…wet and warm on Yuma’s cheeks.

“I’m so sorry, I looked everywhere for you, I did everything I could, it wasn’t enough. You were right, I should’ve been more careful and I’m…”

She went silent, shaking a bit.

“I’m so glad you’re safe…”