Introducing Owen Dippie

Hailing from the beautifully scenic Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Owen Dippie’s art has taken him across the globe, his pieces have become iconic wherever he’s laid down his paint (especially in NYC and Melbourne). He’s humble and extremely talented. His site has awesome prints and shirts available at very affordable prices. Support good people.


Pangeaseed x Sea Walls Murals for Oceans: New Zealand.

Pangeaseed’s Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans recently concluded its inaugural mural festival in Napier, New Zealand.  This international collaboration of concerned organizations such as sponsors Napier City Council, Resene, Alternative Arts Initiative and artists took place from March 10-21, 2016 and creatively beautified the surrounding area of Napier while bringing awareness, collaboration, and inspiration to the community.

Within the span of five days, 28 large-scale, thought-provoking public murals were realized throughout the Ahuriri and Napier area. Each piece sheds light on New Zealand’s pressing marine environmental issues such as shark finning, overfishing, coastal development, climate change, and endangered marine life conservation, furthering PangeaSeed Foundation’s ARTivism (Art + Activism) initiative.

Please continue below to learn about the murals and their meanings.

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