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prompts for a group of reckless and immature delinquents trying to look for something fun to do around the town?

Themed Prompts: Reckless/Immature Delinquents Trying to Look for Fun

1. They break into an indoor community pool.

2. They throw a spontaneous party on someone’s roof.

3. They break into a cemetery.

4. They steal a car for a joy ride.

5. Car race.

6. They crash someone else’s party/wedding/event.

7. Graffiti… or just vandalism, depending on the level of artistry.

8. They get thrown out (or even banned) from a venue.

9. They get into a fight.

10. They get chased by police.

11. They decide to prank someone.

12. They explore an abandoned building.

13. They join another group of people on their escapades.

14. They sit around drinking in a park.

15. They stumble upon something awful.


Next special guest is our brother ZEUS 40/WB VMD

Great letter evolution and energy!

U: Could you tell us about some crazy graff day that you like to recall?

Z: There were many special days in 15 years of graffiti but one of the days that I love to remember is when I had the honor to paint with the great Dare. I think it was in 2006 in Teano, a small town near Naples during graffiti event called “Written inkless”. In that time I was looking for something new and experimental. I wanted to get away from the standards of conventional graffiti witch was for me repetitive and boring. Until then I haven’t seen any great writer paint and I was shocked when I saw it. His style helped me to change my mind about whole concept of style and experimentation. From that moment I concentrated on studding letters…for me that was a very crazy day!

For more awesome stuff of Zeus check:

Perhaps the most emotional part of the session came when a fan named Mark Harrison revealed to [Jimmy] Page that the song “In the Light” helped him a decade ago when he was in the hospital after suffering a stroke. Page, visibly moved, said, ‘Thank you… it’s such an inspirational song. I have to give credit to Robert on that. The lyrics are just phenomenal.’

“Volevamo trovà un nome per l’evento ma pensavamo finisse l mondo e avemo accannato”

The video