In Baltimore, young residents ‘shake off’ troubles with dance

Twice a week, groups of Baltimore youth gather in the city’s colorful Graffiti Alley to show off their dance moves. Through dance contests, these youth have developed their own style, called “shaking off,” which bridges the many divides of a troubled city. Together, they have found a creative outlet in a city ravaged by poverty, joblessness and the drug trade.


Remembering the Secret Swing

In the summer of 2005 I showed my brother and my cousin the Secret Swing, which was installed by artist Corwyn Lund in a wedge between two buildings, available from Graffiti Alley behind Queen Street West about a block an a half west of Spadina.

Neither of them knew anything about the swing. I pretended that we were just going to check out the graffiti, and then had the pleasure of surprising them with the swing.

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