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in the heights aesthetics >>> sonny de la vega x graffiti pete

“i can hook you up. but it will take me all night.”

“no one knows about this except you and me, ok?”

[they kiss]


musical theatre meme → [3/10] shows → in the heights
Yeah, I’m a streetlight, chillin’ in the heat! I illuminate the stories of the people in the street. Some have happy endings, some are bittersweet. But I know them all and that’s what makes my life complete. We’re home!

why i prefer steve & nancy

1. steve had major character development (we’ll get to that in a sec)
2. he always accepted nancy for who she is and never labeled her and put her in a box unlike jonathan who said she was ms. perfect trying to rebel
3. he was nancy’s first (which isn’t a reason to stay with someone) but that obviously makes two people much closer and also means that nancy felt like she could trust steve enough to share such an intimate thing with him and also he didn’t pressure her and let her know that if it isn’t what she wants they don’t have to do anything
4. yes, he has had major fuck-ups, but you can’t expect him to be perfect because he did make up for most of it
5. when he saw jonathan in nancy’s room he was hurt because he thought she was cheating and you could tell he really cared about her
6. yes, his friends graffitied the movie theatre and he said nasty things about jonathan, but he also was freaking out and told nancy that he couldn’t believe that she would do this to him and that he was worried about her
7. when he realized his friends were out of line and never had his or nancy’s best interests in mind, he helped clean up the movie theater (and it was never even shown that he told her so he did it because it was the right thing not because he could just go run and tell nancy about what a great guy he is)
8. the first thing steve did was go to jonathan’s house. instead of running straight to nancy he went to jonathan’s because he had hurt him the most and said rude things about his family and accused him of murdering his own brother and he really wanted jonathan to know that he felt sorry rather than just telling nancy it
9. when nancy opens jonathan’s door steve is kind of confused but not upset like he would’ve been before until he sees the blood on her hand and then barges in because he is worried that jonathan is threatening her safety
10. nancy asks him to leave several times because he has no idea what is about to happen and he doesn’t because of this and once the monster shows up and disappears they ask him to leave again and he listens but once he’s outside (you can obviously tell he’s terrified) he sees the lights inside the house flickering and is so worried about either nancy or both nancy and jonathan’s safety that he goes back in a fights it with them and saved nancy’s life
11. he bought jonathan a new camera (it seems like it was a joint present with nancy) after he smashed his old one (because he took pervy pictures of nancy!!!)
12. i don’t hate the idea of nancy & jonathan but it was the smartest thing for the writers to do. having only 8 episodes and suddenly nancy falls for someone else is too quick when she obviously cares a lot about steve. also, it would be pretty typical of them for the “nice girl” to go out with the “bad boy” and then end up with the “nice guy” all of a sudden, especially because steve isn’t even a bad boy and jonathan had also done a couple messed up things so don’t put poor steve down when he had great character development!!!

anonymous asked:

All signs preferences to the the arts (dance, music, theatre, performance, painting,etc) do you get where I'm going? Would you mind describing which signs you think have a predisposition to which art? Thank you!!!


  • Aries; installation art.
  • Taurus; singing.
  • Gemini; voice acting.
  • Cancer; poetry.
  • Leo; acting.
  • Virgo; music (composing and playing).
  • Libra; dance.
  • Scorpio; writing.
  • Sagittarius; photography
  • Capricorn; theatre.
  • Aquarius; graffiti. 
  • Pisces; watercolors.

And I would say the signs with a natural predisposition towards art would be the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, as well as Libra, Taurus, and perhaps even Leo!