graffiti slap san francisco


Between working my day job, drawing and working CTNX, I created these stickers for my trip up to Oakland for the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

First design is your typical independent princess. (Haha sorry boys, but your princess is in another castle) I’m a great believer in independence and being able to stand on your own.

Second design is based off Rochelle Jordan, who recently released her ep 1021. I really love her music and have drawn a lot of my work this year to her songs. I’ll be posting my involvement with the 1021 project very soon.

CTNX was very inspiring. Met a lot of amazing artists with great projects coming out. I also met some of my long time favorite artists like Sho Murase and Lesean Thomas. I was given a lot of a great advice by the latter, the most prominent being “Just make shit. You have to accept that you’re going to be a shitty artist for a long time before you’re a good one, but you can’t become a good artist if you don’t make shit.” It only makes me want to delve into animation even more.

Going to the bay was great as usual. I got a chance to see Big Hero 6 at Pixar. Beautiful movie (Plus Baymax is the shit) Pixar has a great creative environment that I would love to be apart of. I really want to live up there, the artist community seems to fit with what I’m looking for in general.

As a visual artist, I’ve always found it difficult to decide on exactly which field of art I want to define myself in. Right now my passions are in graffiti, commercial design and character design/animation. Honestly I want to do it all and believe I can if I work hard. For now, going to try and focus on one area and enhance my work and style.

Looking forward to where my adventures lead me next and just going to continue to make shit.