graffiti monster


Book covers: Black, Yellow & Gold

• Нил Шустерман “Обделенные душой”
• Дженнифер Смит “На что похоже счастье”
• Кэт Кроули “Лунное граффити”
• Рик Янси “Пятая волна”
• Holly Bourne “Am I normal yet?”
• Leigh Bardugo “Crooked Kingdom”
• Лейни Тейлор “Сны богов и монстров”
• Джесси Эндрюс “Хейтеры”
• Катарина Маки “Тысячный этаж”

art ideas, inspiration, notes to self...

because my imagination could do with a stretch.

♡ flora & fauna scaled way up or way down, alice in wonderland style
♡ women in costumes (bunny ears, fox ears, masks) 
♡ rainbows of various sizes in interiors
♡ feathers sticking out of the ground
♡ things on top of clouds
♡ flowers growing in improbable places
♡ strangely coloured things
♡ smoke containing things (birds, crystals, planets, galaxies, dreams, etc)
♡ heads or ankles with butterfly wings
♡ little monsters
♡ graffiti
♡ post-apocalyptic landscapes containing glitter 
♡ things coming from / growing from skin or mouths or hands or hair.. 
♡ frozen-over ice lakes, ponds, or seas, (and things on top of them, things reflected off of them… growing from them?…)
♡ tents…
♡ tents on boats…
♡ tents on boats on frozen-over ice lakes…
♡ magic carpets (good for interesting picnics & tea parties.. maybe for human friends of faeries…)
♡ references to LGBTQ+, mental health, cultural issues, awareness, etc
♡ things in jars
♡ jars hanging from things (clouds, trees, etc)
♡ freckles, lots of them. girls with lots and lots of freckles. 
♡ things indoors which aren’t usually indoors
♡ things outdoors which aren’t usually outdoors
♡ references to 90s toys, video games, etc
♡ things inside flowers (homes?)
♡ tools and accessories obviously crafted by mermaids
♡ oddly coloured seas
♡ animal, beast, ghost companions 
♡ TRANSPARENCY (make things transparent… trees, girls, etc..)
♡ look up weird plants, fungi, and rare flowers
♡ show below ground
♡ magic wands