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The Secret Life of the Misfit Princess

Summary: Y/N is happy with being the nobody in her daily life. From school to at home, she’s always been the misfit. Dean is a popular football player who is more focused on keeping his parents happy than himself. Meeting Y/N makes Dean see things in a different light. One night with the misfit girl and Dean’s hooked.

Word Count: 3208

Song: When the Day Met The Night by P!ATD

High school was hard for you. School in general always had been. Your older sister had graduated with honours and was gone off to University to become some big shot Lawyer. You were in your last year and honestly could not wait to get out of the shit hole of a school that you had been stuck in for three years now.

In English class you sat and stared out the window. Surprisingly English was one of your favourite classes. You thought Shakespeare and novels like Lord Of The Flies and The Catcher in the Rye were far more important to your life than Mathematics quadratic formula’s and algebraic equations. Still, this class you just couldn’t focus. It was last period and you were jonesing for a cigarette already.

Unfortunately the cigarette habit came hand in hand with the misfit label. That’s what you were. A nomad. You hated school. Hated your parents. Hated the law. You had a few friends who also fell under the misfit category. You didn’t have good grades and you were always living in your sisters larger than life shadow. What else would you be.

But you liked being a nomad. A nobody. You weren’t smart enough to be a nerd who got picked on. You didn’t wear crazy clothes and go looking for attention so that you could get called names. You kept to yourself and no one ever noticed you. And you wanted to keep it that way.

People actually liked you even if you didn’t like them. You could buy cigarettes so a lot of the cheerleaders and jocks who smoked casually on weekends or at parties came to you to get them for them, afraid if they got caught that the school would kick them off their sport teams or something. Sometimes you got invited to their parties, but you never showed up.

The bell rang and snapped you out of your trance. You quickly got your stuff together and headed out of the class and down the hall. The fresh free air hit your face and you felt like you had just got out of prison after years of being locked behind bars. You pulled out a cigarette and lit it as you headed to your car. The smoke you blew out quickly disappeared as you walked across the parking lot. That’s when Benny came up to you.

“You coming tonight?” he asked, grabbing your cigarette from you and taking a draw. You rolled your eyes and let it happen.

“Yeah, I’m coming. I’m not missing this one because my parents are dicks. I swear one of these days I’m getting emancipated.” you let out. Benny chuckled and passed your cigarette back to you before reaching your car.

“Alright darlin’. I’m counting on you being there, you’re our best you know.” you grinned and reached up to give Benny a kiss on the cheek.

“I know.” you said with a cocky smirk. Benny rolled his eyes and opened your door to your car for you.

“Eight o'clock sharp. You know the spot, don’t be late.” Benny demanded. You smiled and nodded and he closed your door before you drove off.


You decided to leave your house at seven to give yourself some time just in case anything went wrong. You put on a oversized grey sweater and black leggings. Over the sweater you wore a leather jacket that matched your black combat boots. To top that all off you wore a black beanie. You always dressed dark which was how you liked your make up too. The only bit of colour you had on was the deep red lip stick you wore on your lips.

You packed up your backpack and made sure you had your bottle of Vodka stuffed in there too. You weren’t risking getting caught by your parents this time so you climbed out your window and onto the roof. It was a long way down to the ground so you had to strategically climb down a tree close to the house. Once you got down and into your car, starting it up without them noticing was the issue. But you had a plan in place.

Your neighbour Bobby Singer had always been like a cool Uncle to you. Your parents thought of him as just an old drunk but you thought he was great guy. He got you more than they ever did. He helped you sneak out from time to time too.

“Put her in drive kid and I’ll start pushing.” Bobby called out in a whisper. You did so and the car started rolling down the road until it was at a safe distance that you could start it without your parents hearing.

“Thanks Bobby!” you called out as he walked back down the road.

“Don’t mention it kid! It’s a Friday night, your parents need to get the sticks out of their asses.” he exclaimed. You laughed and nodded your head.

“Tell them that!” you chuckled before driving off. You got about fifteen minutes away from your house when your car decided to give out. Opening up the hood smoke came bellowing out. “Fuck!” you exclaimed and looked down at your watch. It was seven twenty eight. By now everyone was probably there, your phone was dead so you couldn’t call a tow or a ride, and you were on a back road with barely any traffic and it was getting dark.

You were basically screwed. Benny was going to kick your ass. Your parents were going to kick your ass. You had nothing better to do than sit on the trunk and drink your Vodka. After a couple swigs you felt a little buzz coming on. At the same time you saw a pair of headlights coming your way. You jumped down off of the hood and waved them down. Once they got closer you recognized the jet black Impala. It was the beautiful car that belonged to Dean Winchester.

The roar of his engine died down and he climbed out of the car. The first thing you noticed was his emerald eyes that were flickering up and down as he scanned over you. You felt a little nervous under his glare, like he was judging you or something.

“Hey. Thanks for stopping.” you let out, breaking the silence.

“Yeah no problem. What happened?” Dean asked. His eyes quickly left yours and looked down at the bottle of Vodka in your hand. He furrowed his brows when you brought the bottle to your lips. After taking a swig you closed it and put it in your bag.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t start drinking it until after the car died.” you chuckled. Your mind was a little hazed now and you felt a little to confident at this point. “Do you know much about cars?” you asked.

“Yeah actually, I do.” he replied, walking over to the front of the car. You followed behind and watched as he studied the engine. Dean shook his Letterman jacket off, exposing his muscular arms. You couldn’t help but stare. Normally this didn’t phase you but right now, while he was knelt over the car examining the engine, Dean looked rather sexy.

Dean Winchester was football player for the school team. He wasn’t captain or anything but he was pretty popular. Everyone liked him, even the misfits like you. He was just a nice guy who got along with most everyone.

“You blew a gasket.” Dean spoke up, snapping you out of your trance.

“Can you fix it?” you asked.

“Not here. But I’ll tell you what, if you can get me cigarettes for free for a month, I’ll get it towed to my house in the morning and I’ll fix it there. No charge. It’s a good deal.” he smiled. You gave him a questionable look for a second but that quickly turned into a smile.

“Deal. But you have to give me a ride.” you exclaimed. Dean put out a hand to close the deal. You shook and then made your way over to his car. When you got in you noticed the smell of cigarettes which was kind of comforting. You had sold to Dean for a while now but it was obvious that most of the smokes were smoked in this vehicle.

“Home?” he asked. You quickly shook your head no.

“Oh no. Hell no. I’m not going home tonight.” you replied. Dean gave you a puzzled look.

“Why not?” he questioned as he lit up a cigarette and handed to you. You gladly took it.

“First of all, my parents don’t even know I’m out. Second, if they find out I was out and my car broke down, they will kill me. Third I have somewhere that I have to be and if I’m not there in fifteen minutes, I’m toast.” you explained. Dean nodded and looked at the clock.

“Where do you need to be?” Dean asked. You took a draw and blew out smoke.

“Downtown, harbour side. It takes exactly fifteen minutes to get there from here.” You let out.

“I’ll get you there in ten.” Dean said, and with that his tires spun in the dirt and you were off.


Ten minutes later, just as he had promised, you and Dean pulled up to an abandoned warehouse. Dean looked at the place and furrowed his brows.

“This is where you need to be so badly?” he questioned. You nodded and pointed at a parking lot down by the boats that had a few cars.

“Park there, it’s less suspicious.” you exclaimed.

“Why am I parking?” Dean asked as he pulled into a parking spot.

“Aren’t you a little curious as to what we’re doing out here?” you said, taking another swig of Vodka before putting the bottle away.

“Well yeah but-” Dean started but you cut him off.

“Well c'mon then, I’ll show you.” you got out of the car and hauled your backpack over your shoulder. Dean was hesitant but he got out and followed behind you.

As you approached the warehouse you slipped in through a loose fence board that lead down an ally on the side. Dean nervously followed and you could tell he’d never done anything like this before. When you got to the end of the ally, it opened up into another larger ally at the back of the rows of buildings. Benny, Ruby, Meg, and Gabe were sat around waiting for you to show up.

“Hey kid, didn’t think you’d show.” Benny chuckled.

“I told you I’d be here.” you said, playfully punching his arm as you walked by him. Dean appeared from the ally and everyone’s eyes landed on him.

“What’s he doing here?” Meg asked.

“Winchester? He’s cool guys. If not for him, I wouldn’t be here.” you laughed. “The shit box broke down once again.” Everyone let out a chuckle and Benny put out a hand to Dean.

“If you’re cool with the kid, you’re cool with us brother.” Benny let out. Dean smiled and took his hand. He looked around at his surroundings. There was nothing but brick walls.

“What are you guys doing anyways?” he asked. You smiled and handed him the bottle of Vodka. He took a small swig and grimaced. He was always more of a whiskey man.

“You’ll see.” Ruby said. “You go first Y/N.” you nodded and took out your spray paint. Dean quickly realized what was going on and his mouth hung open a little.

“You’re vandalizing?” he said with a harsh tone. You started anyways.

“We are making ark work. It’s different. We’re not writing curse words on brick walls. It’s real art.” you explained.

“It’s also illegal.” Dean protested.

“And drinking and driving isn’t?” you said gesturing to the bottle of Vodka in his hand. Dean thought about it for a minute. He never got to do stuff like this. His parents expected so much from him that he never broke the rules just to keep them happy. It was time to be a little reckless. He took another swig of Vodka.

“Touche.” Dean relaxed and sat back with Benny and the others, watching you work. He liked how happy you looked doing it. The way your tongue stuck out when you were trying to focus on one thing. You looked so care free. He wished he had something like that. Football was it for him and he didn’t even like it all that much.

After an hour you finished up the painting and stepped back to admire your work. Dean and the others had just about finished off the bottle of Vodka but left the last bit for you. You took it and downed the rest, felling satisfied with the buzz you had. Everyone looked up at the art work you had just placed on the wall.

“I think this is your best yet.” Benny said patting you on the back. You smiled and sat back next to Dean as the others grabbed there cans and started making their paintings.

“What do you think now?” you asked Dean. “Still vandalism?” Dean shook his head.

“You’re really good. It’s beautiful.” Dean said admiring your work. You had painted a girls face on the wall. Her hair was all messy and falling everywhere and her eyes were wide. Over her mouth were two pieces of duck tape and on her wrists which were up by her face she wore hand cuffs. It was all done in black and white with a little blue here and there. “Why this?”

“What do you mean?” you asked.

“The duck tape. The handcuffs? What does it mean?” Dean replied.

“I don’t know…It’s just sometimes… sometimes I feel like this. A prisoner I guess.” you said with a sigh, staring down at your feet in front of you. Dean smiled. He got it. He felt the same way.

“Me too… I mean I know it seems like I have everything figured out and everything I ever wanted. But I don’t… I have everything everyone else wants me to have.” Dean let out. You looked over at him, your eyes searching his for some sort of lie. But he was telling the truth.

“You know, you don’t have to be perfect for anyone. You can say no to people. I did. My parents hate me and my marks suck and I’m probably going no where, but I’m happy.” you smiled over at Dean. Dean smiled back but this time his eyes couldn’t leave yours.

He was drawn to you for some reason. It might have just been the booze and the way that your hair was falling around your shoulders and the way you lips were curved into this perfect smile. What ever it was, in that moment he wished things were different. If they were than maybe he’d kiss you right now.

You felt Dean’s gaze burn into. You wanted to inch closer to him but something in you stopped yourself. Instead you settled for his fingers tangling in yours casually. You both kept your gazes on each other for a while. Until you saw a flash of blue and red lights behind Dean. You looked up to see a cop car at the end of the ally.

“Shit! Benny, we got company.” you said, getting up from the ground with the help of Dean. You could see the panic on Dean’s face.

“I-I can’t get busted for this.” he exclaimed. You grabbed his hand and tried to calm him down.

“Don’t worry, we have a plan.” you said.

“Yeah, everyone split up. We meet at 58, got it?” Benny said. Everyone nodded and ran in opposite directions. You and Dean headed for a small ally on the other side that lead up to a small street.

“You go first.” Dean said as you came upon a fence blocking your way. You could see the cop coming for you now and closing in.

“No, you go. If you get caught that’s the end of football and your parents will kill you.” you explained. “I get caught and it’s just another day of the year… well sort of.”

“I can’t let you do that for me Y/N.” Dean said. The cop was getting closer and there wasn’t much time.

“Yes you can! Now go. 58 Blackwood Street. They’ll be there.” you told Dean. Dean and you shared a glance and he was hesitant on leaving you. “Go.” you shouted. He climbed the fence and got to the other side. Looking back he saw the cops hand land on your shoulder. He decided to run. You wanted him to run.

You looked the officer straight in the eye and smiled. “Heya Jody! How’s it going?”

“Alright Y/N. Cut the bull shit, where are your friends?” Jody Mills, the Sheriff asked.

“I’ll never tell you.” you shouted dramatically.

“Tell me or you’re going to the station.” Jody demanded.

“Jody, you know I’m never going to break. Haven’t we done this enough for you to know that I’m no rat.” you smirked. Jody shook her head and took you by the arm.

“The station it is then.” the Sheriff said, guiding you to the car.


Dean ran and ran until he made it to 58 Blackwood. He was alone for a few minutes and then one by one Benny and the others showed up, all out of breath. They all started looking around.

“Where’s the kid?” Benny asked Dean.

“She got caught. She wanted me to go so I didn’t get in shit.” Dean said, still out of breath.

“You let her get caught!” Meg shouted. Dean looked down at the ground feeling more guilty than ever.

“Hey, it ain’t his fault. She brought him and he was her responsibility. Plus the kid is always fine.” Benny chuckled. The group all laughed a little and Dean lightened up.

“How are we getting home?” Gabe asked.

“My car is down by the harbour. I didn’t have that much to drink and that run sobered me up mostly, I can drive you all home.” Dean let out. They all nodded and when they felt it was safe, made their way back down to the harbour.

Dean wondered if he’d see you tomorrow. How mad would your parents be? He wanted to see you. He never wanted to stop seeing you. At the beginning of the night he barely knew you, and now it felt like he’d known you all his life. You made him feel like he could be himself and not the person everyone wanted him to be. It was like when he was with you, the weight on his shoulders was gone. He felt free. He was falling for you and didn’t even really know it yet.

Idle thoughts about the Kiros arc, which I re-watched last night.

-Ahsoka definitely painted that akul face on her sidecar (hence why I headcanon her as being able to art and carrying around a small sketchbook)

(look at it! It’s so cool!)

-I still think Ahsoka calling the Togruta of Kiros her “people” is kinda awkward writing. Was this the team hinting at the fact that she’s actually from Kiros? Ultimate Star Wars already lists her homeworld as Shili so I guess if that was the point it didn’t take.

-I hate this arc, someone please stop white people from writing about slavery.

-Its (barely) saving grace though continues to be Ahsoka leaping to catch that falling Torguta gal in her arms.

-Also drudged up some meta on why Anakin calls himself Lars Quell. The Wook already theorizes that the “Lars” comes from his relatives-by-marriage. I figured Anakin chose “Lars” because despite the fact that Cliegg freed and then married Shmi, he still bought her and kept her as a slave beforehand. I doubt their union sat well with Anakin, even before he found his mother in that raider camp (it doesn’t sit well with me either tbh). So despite the Lars’ being family, Anakin still sees them as slavers.