graffiti in minneapolis


Walker Art Center in Minneapolis  

In 1984 from March 12 to 16, Keith Haring was an artist-in-residence at the Walker, where he created the giant mural. Now existing only through photographic and video documentation, the orange and green wall piece was created to commemorate the completion of the Walker’s then-new underground education center, and remained on view through December 1985. 


I went back to the mill to retrieve my grinder and a pinchy I had left on the 16th floor when the cops showed up. It was just me and my oldest brother, I didn’t know if he’d be able to pull me up a window twice my size, or if he’d be able to pull himself up. It was a successful mission, and at 2:33 am I found myself once again climbing up the half cut off ladder on the 16th floor up to the roof. The first two pictures are of my second mission, at night time, and the last two are from my first time, during the day.