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Chicago block tagged with graffiti reading “KKK” and “No N*ggers” on consecutive days

  • No Niggers.” That’s the message residents of Chicago’s West Loop community found spray-painted on two of their sidewalks Thursday evening — just one day after someone scrawled “KKK” on traffic barriers about a block away.
  • The racist graffiti was discovered Thursday night on Monroe Street. The sidewalk on one side of the street said, “No Nigger.” The other sidewalk said, “No Niggers.” Read more. (5/6/17, 12:45 PM)

anonymous asked:

where is that kkk graffiti in Chicago, do you know? I'd like to go graffiti over it or get rid of it

You’re a good person. 

The graffiti was on Kennedy’s Madison Street northbound exit near Whole Foods at 1 N. Halsted St. in Greektown. It has since been removed but keep your eyes out – shit may reappear.