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I consider 83 - 84 “Fledgling Prince”, like a fawn learning to walk he was much smoother than his previous incarnation but the operation wasn’t as refined as his late 80′s tours. Favorites from this era from @graffiti-bridge​!

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anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite Prince looks?

Anon, you get mad props for this ask. Hold up, lemme find a gif:

Anon, I have to thank you. This is something no one has ever asked me. I am really moved by this. This is going to be the greatest thing I type all day. I shall call this: My Master Post of When I Wanted to Fuck Prince the Most. Please pull up a seat, because it’s about to go down. Let’s begin:

1999 Era Prince

I’m beginning with 1999 era Prince. I do not give a good goddamn what ANYBODY says, 80s Prince could get all of this ass thrown at him, b. Big hair, barely clothed and freaky as he wanted to be. No way in hell I would not be here for it. Look at those eyes. This looks like an invitation to join him.

And he did wear clothes during this era, but I’d take him in various fashions and undressed just the same. Plus, he was kicking thee most ass during the start of many incredible tour runs.

Parade Era Prince

Parade era Prince can also get this work. I mean, I love this era for reasons. The crop tops were off the hook. And the gold chain around his waist certainly didn’t hurt. I’d trade places with it to this day. What can I say? I liked this look on him. Didn’t even mind him messing with his hair.

I’ll take a topless Prince too, now. I’m not picky. But I really just love any era where he decided to show something, lol.

Prince with a Goatee/Emancipation

Any time Prince had a goatee, I felt like he was trying to start shit with me. Because I already love his face, but I feel like he was just teasing me when he had a goatee. For example:

Emancipation era Prince, even though he had just got married, could get the business. I loved this man during this run. He had a lot of great accessories and I really feel like his style was on point. Let me just tell you how much I loved a certain coat:

He made me so upset with this piece of outerwear. He got on my nerves. Whenever I watch the “Somebody’s Somebody” video or see him in “Betcha By Golly Wow”, I take time to hate on it. I really wanted it just for the huge Love Symbol on the back, and I didn’t even mind the Gemini symbol in the front. Even better, give me the coat with him inside it. Give a damn what else is on the coat after that, lol.

Nude Tour Prince

A brief moment to appreciate The Nude Tour and Graffiti Bridge era for Prince. Because it was everything I needed.

How cool is he, though? I mean, really?!

I just really appreciated that run. For reasons. Partially because I have always wanted to play in his hair. His mane was on a Godly level during this run. Which is funny, because I didn’t exactly love his Graffiti Bridge movie hair, but right after it, I fell all the way in love. And his beard. Man, I was here for it. Plus he really wears Black well. Then again, he wears anything well. The man doesn’t back down from color. And as you can tell, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Diamonds & Pearls Era/The typhoon

Diamonds & Pearls era Prince is probably my very favorite era, and I loved the fact that he kept the beard from the Graffiti Bridge run. But I even enjoyed my baby with the typhoon! Here are a few examples of me loving it:

Ugh! I hate that I loved this thing on his head so much. Before it got to be too much. (1994 started the end of it, lol.) He was so fucking handsome no matter what he did. Still tremendously handsome as hell right now. Prince and these damn eyes, man. I’m feeling some type of way while I’m typing this up. I’m going to finish this post, but I’m just struggling to get through all of this gorgeous man’s photos. I hate that he’s gorgeous, but I love it.

Whenever My Baby Prince Cut Our Hair

When Prince cuts his hair, it takes a little time for me to fall back in love with him, but I do it every time, lol. I love his hair. Hell, I even love the song “She’s Always In My Hair”. Given the opportunity, I would be. Which is so weird, because I’m really obsessed with men who keep short hair. Prince is always the exception. Long hair, bearded, barely dressed and freaky as hell, I am always here for him. Here are some examples of his short hair:

So these are some of my favorite Prince looks with shorter hair. Many of these are favorite photos. He takes great pictures, man. A lot of these pictures are stashed on my hard drive. I told y’all my screen saver takes about 18 minutes, and it’s mostly this man’s face. It should also be noted, I love Prince playing guitar. Like, there are way too many shots from performances on here. Including the Super Bowl performance shot. I swooned, I lived and me and my entire family were watching.

This is my baby. I love all looks on Prince. I still take time to marvel at his short fantastic ass. Even though I tower over him, I’m okay with that. He’s absolutely everything and more to me. Hopefully this doesn’t make me seem weirder as a Prince fan, but of course it does. And I’m going to deal with that. This is my motherfucking baby, son. He’s my heart. That’s my childhood crush and the baddest motherfucker on the face of the planet. In the entire universe. Ain’t nobody bad like my baby. And I’m so glad about it, lol. Thank you for indulging me and thank you for writing.

Peace, Hip Hop & Purple Rain