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Natasha Romanov

  • sexual orientation headcanon bisexual. she used to think she wasn’t interested in romance at all, but eventually she realized she was falling for her friends.
  • gender headcanon cis woman
  • mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon ptsd (tho tbh which superhero does not??)
  • 3 random headcanons
    • she always does little bits of graffiti in bathrooms. little drawings and stuff. she was taught not to leave anything behind, bt she does this anyway.
    • she likes to have friends that aren’t super, aren’t spies, aren’t anything special. she wants people she can talk to about good places to eat and home decor and not have it feel trivial or boring.
    • she really, really would just like a nice vacation at a beach somewhere, but she’s pretty sure she couldn’t relax for that long.

I love this ridiculous, trashy, rowdy, obscene bar.

Bonus (Kix-drank-too-much edition):


“you can’t shame us for our bodies natural needs”

“we just want to piss and shit in peace like everyone else”

“transgender pride”

“a trans woman sat here and the world did not end; trans rights = human rights”

“trans pride; these fags bash back!!!”

graffiti found in bathrooms in California, USA

renaissance high school AU
  • michelangelo: the angsty gay art kid who hates literally every other person even though everyone respects him.
  • machiavelli: honors student but still rollin in the hoes and always in trouble. makes really long political posts and gets into fights on facebook. gets expelled for his schemes.
  • raphael: the chill art kid that smokes a lot of weed and is loved by everyone. gets even more women than machiavelli.
  • leonardo da vinci: jack of all trades nerd who smokes even more weed than raphael. loves animals. actual genius.
  • lucrezia borgia: queen bee. owns every boy in the school. uses them for test answers.
  • isabella d'este: the other it girl. has it all: style, grace, gets amazing grades. fucking hates lucrezia for stealing her man.
  • julius ii: angry alcoholic football coach. may be a huge dick but gets results and the school worships him. bisexual art hoe also somehow.
  • lorenzo de'medici: the sugar daddy principal. knows how to run the school and keep people in order. talks big game on expanding art and science programs.
  • rodrigo borgia: that one sly fucking math teacher. knows when you're cheating (because his class is too hard) and exacts punishment swiftly. flirts with other teachers in the lounge.
  • savonarola: the puritanical disciplinarian. convinced the entire student body is evil and does everything in his power to stop their debauchery. hates rodrigo in particular. would light the whole school on fire if he could.
  • cesare borgia: school drug kingpin who put every other petty dealer out of business. spiked the punch at prom. has a knife fetish.
  • caterina sforza: silent freak. everyone's afraid of her. bookish. could probably kill cesare if she tried but she gets her weed from him.
  • leo x: school secretary who constantly embezzles money to buy weird exotic pets at shady conventions. never seen without a literal buffet on his desk. kinda creepy.
  • martin luther: disgruntled student who talks a lot of shit and writes graffiti in the bathroom stalls about all the fucked up shit people are doing.