graffiti 1980's


On this day in music history: November 2, 1990 - The film “Graffiti Bridge” is released in US theaters. Written, directed by and starring Prince, it is originally conceived as a vehicle for himself and then girlfriend actress Kim Basinger, but the pair split before going into production. The project is then re-written a film centering around The Time, who have reunited with original members Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Jesse Johnson and Monte Moir. Film distributor Warner Bros insists that it be a sequel to the 1984 blockbuster “Purple Rain”, with Prince as the star. The film also stars Ingrid Chavez, George Clinton, Tevin Campbell and Mavis Staples. The title is inspired by a now demolished bridge in the Minneapolis suburb of Eden Prairie, MN. Filmed on the sound stage of the Paisley Park Studios complex in Chanhassen, MN, the plot centers around Prince’s character “The Kid” as the owner of a night club called Glam Slam and Day as the co-owner that club and other night spots including Pandemonium, and the conflict and rivalry between them and their bands. Unlike its predecessor, “Bridge” is widely panned by most fans and critics and is a box office disaster, only grossing $4.6 million is US box office receipts. The film is nominated for five Golden Raspberry Awards, and makes many worst film of the year lists in 1990. On the opposite end, Prince’s soundtrack and The Time’s album “Pandemonium” are far more successful, both reaching Gold status respectively. “Graffiti Bridge” is released initially on VHS and laserdisc in 1991, and later on DVD in 2005 by Warner Home Video.