graff scene

just when i thought i had the whole west german graff scene under my control… for a couple of weeks ago this shiny car rolled by my lens | la.v | what is that? crew? feels like i'am back on squere one again :( 

  • Ender: Stay away from me!...You lied.
  • Graff: Son, we were afraid that if we told you, you'd-
  • Ender: What? Refuse to play. ... I've killed an entire species.
  • Graff: They would have done the same to us.
  • Ender: No. They waited. What were they waiting for?
  • Graff: Who cares? We lost a thousand men on the transporters you abandoned.
  • Ender: I abandoned them in order to win.
  • Graff: Yes, and they died proudly, for us.
  • Ender: They might not have died at all....If I'd known it was real, I would've-
  • Graff: What? Called for a dialogue? They can't even speak.
  • Ender: Watch them. What were they thinking? Where they building an army for a second invasion...or...or simply preparing to defend themselves...
  • Graff: (Ender, stop.)
  • Ender: ...from us. They came to Earth to establish a colony, we chased them away and in fifty years they never returned.
  • Graff: It makes no difference now.
  • Ender: I will bare the shame of this genocide forever.
  • Graff: No. You will be remembered as a hero.
  • Ender: I will be remembered as a KILLER!
  • Graff: It was us, or them.
  • Ender: And you're sure we've killed every last one of them?
  • Graff: I saw there whole planet destroyed.
  • Ender: How do you know there isn't another colony, or another queen...
  • Graff: (There isn't.)
  • Ender: ...out there?
  • Graff: We won! That's all that matters.
  • Ender: No. The way we wins matters.