It’s that time of year when ALL MY FRIENDS have birthdays and I struggle to make something in time, if anything. ; - ;

This is for Dr.Graevling of his gorgeous draenei Monara. A character I have loved for a long time. I hope I did her some justice.

Graev you have been a wonderful friend for almost a full year and some now. You’ve helped me in more ways than you can imagine and I thank you for that. You are one stand up gent. <3 I hope you have a FANTASTIC day. And don’t dwell too hard on the age part of today. :P

Starter for the-darkest-hedgehogs

Lissa was just sitting in the living room with Frost and Nora, who now had a bell collar around her neck. It had been fun, just staying with them these past few days, but she wondered if there was something else that could be done with them. After a while, Lissa went off to find Blackout, and when she did, asked him something. “Hey Blackout? Do you think we could go out and find some more pokemon today? Maybe have a battle or two?”