And here they all are, including with a feet and inches grid in the background, and a little closer up so you can enjoy more details. I’m happy to finally be able to replace the sad height chart in my gallery with more up to date designs, and also so that everyone can easily see how differently everyone is shaped! Body diversity is one of my favorite things to draw. Expect to see more of these figures because I’m going to be using them to plan fashions for each upcoming chapter, which I’ll probably share occasionally.

Starter for the-darkest-hedgehogs

Lissa was just sitting in the living room with Frost and Nora, who now had a bell collar around her neck. It had been fun, just staying with them these past few days, but she wondered if there was something else that could be done with them. After a while, Lissa went off to find Blackout, and when she did, asked him something. “Hey Blackout? Do you think we could go out and find some more pokemon today? Maybe have a battle or two?”