WIWT (Technically last night, but was slightly too intoxicated after the drive home to post) for dinner at The Bazaar by José Andrés in the Saam - The Chef’s Tasting Room.

- Lands End Canvas Chino Blazer (Picked up however long ago after the heads up from my Canadian brethren, Graemewa.)
- J. Crew Blackwatch Shirt
- J. Crew Fairisle Knit Tie
- Timex Easy Reader Watch

Holiday weight making me a lot more brolly than I want to be.

graemewa replied to your post: Hey CB, I appreciate you answering all of these questions and keeping your blog up and I was wondering if you can help me with some tailoring things. I’ve never had anything tailored but I have a nice pair of denim that I want to do a couple things to. It’s kind of a boot cut pair so I want to add some taper to them so they don’t look like bell bottoms and I want them hemmed a bit. Can you instruct me as to what I should explicitly say to the tailor so I don’t get back a pair capris? Thank you!

I think you answered the wrong question haha

I think Tumblr f–ked up because this definitely ISN’T the question I answered…

graemewa answered your question: Q3

I’m with Jon, beer. Actually though a suit for my girl’s bro’s wedding in August.

Again, never not beer. Suits for weddings are good too. Luckily the only wedding i’m in this summer is linen pants and vests, no jackets. Should be pretty chill. Got the pants back from the tailor the other night, might post a fit pic up later.